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The UN continues to show its anti-Israel bias.

On Friday, the UN passed a General Assembly resolution demanding that Israel pay Lebanon $850 million dollars. The resolution is non-binding.


In 2006, Hezbollah, who have been members of the Lebanese government since 2005, sent soldiers into Israel, kidnapped two IDF soldiers, and killed three more.

Israel retaliated for the attack from Lebanon, and attempted to rescue the kidnapped soldiers, and thus began the Second Lebanon war.

165 Israelis were killed in that war.

During the Second Lebanon war, Israel hit a Lebanese power station causing 15,000 tons of oil to spill into the Mediterranean Sea.

Initially the UN estimated the clean cost was $65 million. Israel cooperated with international organizations to help with the clean up.

Hezbollah’s attacks, besides resulting in 165 dead Israelis, destroyed 16,500 acres (67 square kilometers) of forests and grazing fields. The JNF estimated it would take 50-60 years to restore all the forests.

No word yet, on when the UN will pass a resolution demanding Lebanon pay for the damages from the war they started – proving once again, the UN is nothing more than a bad joke.


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  1. Ignore UN as they Ignore the Facts with there attempt to bankrupt a nation of honor, democracy, and strength of Character! UN is full of Hateful individuals and Nations of Militancy or Soft and bend with the Middle eastern mentality and hate filled, death worshippers.

  2. would the US and UK pay Iraq also that makes it a continuing mess country and peoples lives turned into a perpetual hell till now? and would France ,UK and the US pay also for the disinfranchised country of Libya today? Israel was merely depending and responding itself from threat of aggression from the group that seeks its destruction.

  3. lets call it what it is – the Arab League of America. No U.N> discussion on ISIS or Isamic terrorists in other countries. Just Israel. The rest of the world is a cliche ' if you cannot beat them( the terrorist muslims) join them." This is the motto of the U.N.

  4. Who pays attention to the UN? They are an embarassment. Unbelievable that the US still funds this Middle Eastern terrorist organization. Good think they have no way to enforce anything they do. They are a useless waste of time, money, and valuable real estate. Dissolve this useless, meaningless clan. Better things can be done with our tax dollars.

  5. The UN is an embarassment to any one of us. I firmly believe that the UN be moved to Tehran, forth with, and left to figure out that the USA basically funds their operation. They are clearly pro muslim to the point of What's the Point?? They should just close up shop, for all the good they've done! And the US government in Washington? Resign from the UN. Get One World the hell out of the USA. This is America, and we the people refuse to a policy of anti Israel acts,. Israel is our ally and stand up friend , unlike Obozo, daring the US to do something abour his muslim favoring and constant attacks on our Constitution. I say BS. He needs GONE!

  6. A very bad joke that needs to either disband, get rid of the antisemitic terrorists now in control of it or, at the very least, get the hell of of American soil with NO American funding! One good thing is that the more they feel comfortable in bringing out all the crazy, the more the world will see it for what it actually is.

  7. How many homeless people can be housed in the UN building in New York? (In fact, how many can be housed in UN facilties around the world?) Now, that would be a worthwhile UN accomplishment!

  8. But, will Israel respond by charging the UN 100 billion US dollars for the death of & injury to their people & destruction of Israeli properties because the UN didn't abide by its agreement after Grapes of Wrath? As I recall, they were supposed to guarantee no missiles moved into range, which they did not.
    Oh, the answer to those of us watching Israeli Prime Ministers & Israel's insane political system since the '70's is…. (drum role…) NO.
    Nor will they begin repatriation proceedings to solve the existential threat of the overwhelmingly genocidal Arab Muslims illegally permitted to live west of the Jordan River by the UK, & then by Israel, since 1967. And, they won't deal with those Arab Muslim Israelis who are a 5th column.
    Netanyahu is too busy talking loud but carrying a tiny stick. His stick would rather 80 innocent Israelis die in Gaza than annihilate an area of terrorists fighting among civilians, which is the right of every country when encountering areas of terrorists fighting from among civilians.
    Hey, author, you don't have to cry about injustice directed at Israel. Netanyahu does plenty of it.

  9. Why Israel pay to Lebanon? UN is now bias at Israel. Why the UN jokers favors Hezbollah? Is this at the behest of Obama administration? Israel in not at all at the fault . It is Hezbollah started conflict why Israel pay $850 million? Why UN ignores genocide in the middle east by the terrorist organizations?

  10. As a Lebanese Christian Forces veteran and a proud Christian, I oppose such a stupid Bias resolution, especially when we are driven and controlled by MUZZRATS…. there is no justification for such a demand….. The UN and the Muslims can all go to hell…. I am Israel and I love Israel, !!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DONT YOU ASK THE PLO TO PAY LEBANON FOR THE MASSACRES AND YEARS OF DESTRUCTION ALONG SIDE OF THE MUSLIMS THAT ARE CURRENTLY CONTROLLING LEBANON…. UN IS TRULY A JOKE….. GOD BLESS ISRAEL..

  11. We can't pay this. First because it makes no sense and is unjustified, and also because it would establish the precedent that Israel can never defend itself. The UN is no longer relevant; it doesn't do what it was supposed to do, and now does what it shouldn't do. It seems to exist to destroy Israel.

  12. $515151.51 – is how much a Jewish life is worth should $850 million dollars be split between 165 families who lost their loved ones – So UN, how about asking Lebanon for recompence, for starting the war in the first place, let alone the damage to land. How much is a UN minister worth these days? – I am sure they imagine it is considerably more than what is owed to the Israelis. While the UN are contemplating the monies, it is about time they retrieved all the funds owed to Israel from the Vatican from years back.

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