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US has no problem with Egypt's bombing hundreds of homes of Gaza civilians but can't stand to see Israel destroy a terrorist's home.

The same U.S. State Dept. that is condemning Israel’s policy of demolishing Palestinian Authority terrorists’ homes sanctions the same destruction by Egypt of hundreds of civilians’ homes in the Sinai.

State Dept. spokeswoman Jen Psaki on Thursday said it was “counterproductive” for Israel to demolish the homes of terrorists.


When asked Friday about Egypt’s al-Sisi regime’s demolitions of Sinai homes, whose owners’ only crime was living in an area that Egypt wants as a buffer zone with Gaza, she condoned Egypt’s action.

“There have been some serious security challenges in the Sinai,” Psaki said. “We respect Egypt’s concern about their security in the area and support its right to self-defense. We also expect that they will ensure the rights of those being displaced are respected and that they are adequately compensated. That continues to be what we have conveyed to the Egyptians.”

And how about Israel’s right to self-defense?

“So you don’t regard that as being counterproductive to the cause of peace or fighting extremism, these home demolitions?” in the Sinai, asked Associated Press reporter Matt Lee. “You would not argue that – I mean, you say that there are serious security problems in the Sinai for the Egyptians. Are there not also serious security concerns and security problems for the Israelis?…

”It’s not okay for the Israelis to demolish homes, but it’s okay for the Egyptians to demolish homes?”

Psaki dug up the expired “borders’ argument, to wit:

“Well, it’s an entirely different scenario, Matt. Egypt is not predetermining what borders would be by taking these steps. It’s a different scenario….

We believe it’s counterproductive to their stated goals. In Egypt, we understand their concerns about their security. We’ve seen recent threats to that in the Sinai, as you all have reported on. I think I’m going to leave it at that. They’re different scenarios.”

No, no, Madame Psaki, you may not leave it at that.

She is explicitly saying that since the Obama administration backs the Palestinian Authority claim that half of Jerusalem belongs to a country that does not exist, Israel does not have the right to try to deter terror by tearing down the homes of a terrorist who killed an American-Israeli baby in a vehicle terror attack at a Jerusalem light rail station last month.

She is saying Israel may not send a warning to future terrorists by destroying the home of the attempted murderer who last month shot at point-blank range Rabbi Yehuda Glick for wanting the right for Jews to pray on the Temple Mount.

Psaki is explicitly saying that Egypt has the right to tear down not one home, and not dozens of homes but hundreds of homes of civilians – not terrorists – in Sinai because it is an act of self-defense. In Israel it is “counterproductive.”

Thousands of people on the Egyptian side of Rafah were displaced three weeks ago when the Egyptian army dynamited their homes to create the buffer zone that Egypt hopes will help put a stop to the surge of weapons and terrorists into the Sinai from Hamas-controlled Gaza.

The difference between Israel and Egypt, according to the Obama administration, is that Israel has no right to deter terror if terrorists are killing Jews because of the assumed motive of securing borders for the Palestinian Authority and which Washington has pre-determined and which preclude negotiations that the same Obama administration tries to make believe exist.



  1. Double standard is to mild a word here, opposite standards would be more fitting. Thats said, I do agree with her though, that this is counterproductive. Kill the terrorists, not their houses, deport their families and give the houses to Jews in need, that would be much more productive. I however strongly doubt that that was what she meant by counterproductive…

  2. Pardon my words,, but screw her. This is totally and very obviously one sided. Ignore this administration and her when it comes to Israel. They definately are chosing sides. Unfair and disgraceful..

  3. Jen Psaki needs to shut up, Israel will do what is right for the country and the people. The Obama administration is hurting all Americans with telling us what to do and not to do, most Americans are not listening.

  4. Jen Psaki just shows the anti-semitic feelings of the Obama regime. He has the worst record of relations with Israel, the only true democratic nation in the region. Ask Israeli-Arabs if they would prefer to live somewhere else. If they would……let them go there and enjoy an oppresive regime. Israel would like nothing better than to be left alone in peace.

  5. David Schiffer would kill the terrorist and give his house to a Jew.
    Being killed and becoming a martyr is his ultimate goal, and highly recommended by kith and kin. Placing a Jew in the midst of these fiends in not doing the Jew a favour. Rather sentence the terrorist to work in a pig farm. Let 72 virgin pigs reward him.

  6. I see your point with the Jew being in danger in his or her own country, but thats what the IDF is for and if attacked we get more terrorists to kill and more fifth columnist to expel so its a win win anyway.

    As to cruel and unusual punishment, thats not the Torah way.

  7. Why should ANYONE who finds the position of the State Dept indefensible be surprised? This has been ongoing at the State Department (at least) since the creation of the modern state.
    What IS surprising is the continued lack of action on the part of Israeli leadership to stop depending on the US for ANYTHING.
    Find some faith in Hashem and do what you need to in order to get rid of the enemy within Israel and defend yourselves from the enemies on the outside.

  8. David Schiffer Cruel and unusual punishment!!! Is it cruel and unusual when an Arab deliberately drives his car into a crowd and murders a three month old infant? Demolishing the home of a terrorist is an efficient preventative response to deter future terrorism.

  9. I have not heard yet – when the Israeli Government will lay the corner stone of the factory to build their own fighter planes… Nor the corner stone for the factory to build their own 50 ton bombs to dislodge the Nuclear plant in Iran that will soon send a letter to Israel to surrender or die … thank you .. signed B. Barry Obama Kohmeni.

  10. "….you're entitled to your own opinion, but you're NOT entitled to your own contrived facts". Israel has not, as you wrote, "invaded, occuppied, and actively annexed another nation". As you may have heard, (and it's the truth), there is not now, and there NEVER has been a sovereign Arab nation called , "Palestine". The Arabs have NEVER had sovereignty over the disputed lands. If they weren't using those lands as a springboard for launching murderous attacks against Israel, there could now be a nation called Palestine, on those disputed lands. You're waving your sword at windmills, friend. The Arabs created their own problem. People with beliefs like yours only serve to lengthen the duration of that problem.

  11. Well, as the article pointed out, Egypt is using much of that money to demolish civilian homes and terrorize Sinai bedouin populations in order to ensure the continuation of the Gazan blockade and eliminate any threats alongs the Israel-Sinai border. Most other countries are using the money to prop up their artificial dictatorships and suppress the freedoms and democratic aspirations of the people (such as standing up for the Palestinians) so that Israel can continue the occupation and gradual annexation of the territories–at the behest of the American government. But this has been a very interesting discussion. I've heard suggestions that the American Government should enforce international norms equally and cease buying influence amongst Arab dictators. But you don't really want either of those things do you?

  12. Isn’t that totally discriminatory? Perhaps because Israel is a close ally that the US feels responsibility for, but instead of bullying, it could stop restraint to allow Israel to try and deal with an ethnic uprising. The same people who came as refugees now fight Israel as if it is theirs, fueled by traditional Islamic hatred towards Israel, they are an insurrection that have to be stopped now. If these terrorists within the protection zone are rocking it too much, they need to be sent back to where they fled from. They are creating conditions for that to happen. If they opted to be a real part of Israel and cooperate as peaceful citizens, there would not be any violence.

  13. In a sense I agree, but the next trojan horse in the White House may be as bad as this one. There are clearly ppl behind BHO who approve of his behaviour; otherwise he'd have been dealt with as Kennedy was. So e.g. the Trilateral Commission obviously approves of BHO's actions (and inactions) to date.

    So Israel, as I see it, must act as if the trojan horse in the White House is there to stay.. and work with the Legislature as much as possible for the forseeable future.

    It also seems to me that there are times when – having done all that is possible in this world. one simply looks to G-d and does what is RIGHT.

    The fact that the world has such absurdly weighted scales vis-a-vis Israel has to be irrelevant to Israel's decision-making. GOOD FOR TSVI ben GEDALHU for pointing out the absurd inequity.

  14. Thomas Hinkel you haven't debated with me at all. you changed the subject. NOTHING says , "NEW AGE LEFTIST ACTIVIST", as definitively as your tactic. The UN is owned and operated by the Arab/Islamic mafia known as the OIC. The organization of Islamic Cooperation has 57 nations, every one of them Arab & or Islamic. I'm sure you heard of them. Haven't you? They control the voting of the UN General Assembly. So, citing a vote, against the interests of Israel, at the UNGA, in this day and age, is meaningess. It's a Kangaroo Court. You understand that, don't you? But, those truths aside, you are an anti Israel activist troll who should remain on the Al jazeera website with your leftist comrades. You understand that, don't you?

  15. This is just a continuation of his 'having Israel's back' policy. When hamas began the heavy rocket assault on Israel, what was President Hussein's advice? Israel should 'use restraint' in its response.

    And at the peak of the war, what did he do? He stopped the shipment of arms to Israel, to 'review' the procedure for the purchasing and delivery of weapons. What was reported in the media was that it was the Hellfire missiles which were not delivered. Just lately, it has been revealed that it was the shipment of ALL weapons. This is not the action of an ally. At every step, this administration has exerted pressure on Israel while handling terrorists with kid gloves. I wonder if his daughters have shopped for hijabs yet.

  16. So let's for the sake of argument agree with psaki and assume that "Egypt is not predetermining what borders " let me then point out that the Arabs in questions here are trying to determine what borders will be by attacking people and facilities in jerusalem as well as other areas in order to establish what they think the borders are.
    If you are going to condemns Israel for " trying to establish borders by their actions you must also condemn the Arabs for doing the same. Otherwise you are not neutral and should at least stand up and say so. But we know that the U.S. does not know how to establish a firm position on anything, let alone their definition of ethics and morals.
    They may supply arms etc. but they do not understand our position politically nor support our right to exist with peaceful neighbors. Imagine mexico not recognizing new mexico as a part of the U.S. Just becasue mexicans lived their at one time does that make the U.S and Occupier of the land?

  17. Thomas Hinkel i'm a bit curious. after you're done "playing", in the Rocky Mountains, temporarily donning the persona of, "ski instructor", what happens next? which arab oil money owned entity will you go to work for? Are you going to use the liberal arts education that you, no doubt, have acquired to teach a distorted view of mid east history to american school children? will you go to work for the biggest anti Israel organization in america, the US Dept. of State? You know, there are lots of openings at "Dept. of State", for ambassador and ambassadors aide in Arab/Islamic countries. As I informed you earlier, there are 57 of those. That means 57 sets of opportunities for aspiring diplomats to climb to the top. Of course, there is only ONE Jewish country, and your fave Arab/Islamic bigots deny that the one TINY Jewish country even has ANY RIGHT TO EXIST!! Well, that won't trouble YOU, truth-seeker that you are. There is a very close-cropped horizon for any job opportunity in the Jewish nation.

  18. Thomas Hinkel you posture yourself as if you are reasonable and have a balanced attitude toward the middle east. i don't think you do. you've inserted yourself here, looking to deconstruct the position of we who support israel. you disparage our objections to Egypt receiving a free pass to destroy hundreds of homes when it comes to THEIR security and defense operations, while Israel is excoriated, by the same US State Dept. for occasionally blowing up the home of a terrorist who murdered Jews. don't think that we don't see trhough you. you are as transparent as a jelly fish. wear your anti jewish animus proudly, Herr Hinkel! Don't you DARE to pretend to me that you intend to be fair to US. you are so easy to see through! have a nice day.

  19. Egypt is suffering from Hamas as is Israel, so perhaps it is no coincidence they use similar tactics to deal with it.

    Al-Sisi is trying to build a stable secular stable country and has to deal with terrorism. Let us hope the peace between the two countries can blossom.

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