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Anti-Semitism in Italy.

“There is a war against the Jews on the internet and on the streets” in Europe, European Jewish Congress (EJC) president Dr. Moshe Cantor said Saturday night, hours after an Antwerp rabbi was stabbed in the throat while he was walking to synagogue.

“Until there is a crackdown on incitement to hatred and anti-Semitism, then more people will believe that these types of attacks are legitimate,” Kantor added.


The EJC called on authorities across Europe to provide Jewish communities with a sense of security after the latest attack.

“Jews in Europe have lost a normal sense of security that worsens with every attack on Jews and Jewish institutions which are taking place with alarming regularity,” according to Kantor. “As citizens of Europe, it is the responsibility of the authorities, political, judicial and law enforcement, to ensure that Jews feel free to walk the streets in the open and live their lives absent of the fear these attacks generate….

“At the root of these attacks is the ongoing incitement against Jews from across the political spectrum and radical Islamists,”

When will European leaders take action, real action, against the radical Islamic threat to the continent?

A good guess would be that the time will come after Jews leave for Israel, if not elsewhere, and the Gentiles become next target of Muslim fanatics, who are rapidly emerging as the de facto leaders of Islam.



  1. Sadly there is a war, and even worse is many so called fundamental Christians are at the root of it and their agenda is to convert all Jews. I often wonder how pitiful such people are , as they have no real respect for others and believe their mission is to do so. They are no better than muslims.

  2. Divide and conquer, how else would “they” destabilise Europe again? 3 generations have gone, …and history is slowly repeating itself this time worst as one world order is waiting to take control over every aspect of life. The JEWS the elected one are always in the eye of the storm as by the way people bless them or curse the God will treat the nations and the people. And so the Jews once again are becoming for some the stumbling stone and for others the corner stone. I stand with you ISRAEL. May the God of your ancestor bless you with wisdom, revelation and understanding. Beautiful and spotless for the returning of your Groom, YESHUA Messiah.

  3. A small handful of Christians wants to convert you to their faith, and enormous numbers of Muslims want both your race and religion exterminated. And yet you claim Christians are no better than Muslims? Right. I thought Jews were the smart ones… Fool.

  4. Jews have been fleeing European antisemitism and Islamic hate for time immemorial. There is not shame in fleeing to save your life and the lives of your family, children and grandchildren. My four grandparents fled from the Jewish Pale of settlements and its terror. Think of the future of your loved ones and go to Israel European Jews. I think antisemitism is so strong and American Jews so disinterested in preserving their Jewishness that those of us who are Proud American Jews will be following our European Brother and Sisters. I live in the NYC metro area and I can tell you that antisemitism is exploding here too and the government is run by an Islamist whose Brother and best friend and advisor is a financial advisor for the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brother/Jihadist was his best man at his wedding and Obama and his brother speak every day. America is going the way of Europe.

  5. Anto-Semitism starts now in the USA ! Ongoing for a few generations but exploding undercover now. Just our luck to have B.H.Barry on the hill. Lets take a national poll… One question. Do you support defending our Jewish students in American University's and Colleges from physical attacks from the Muslim community in our schools ? YES OR NO.

  6. yes, I'm so tied of the constant attacks on Jewish people, why do we have constant suffering from the attack of others ? our Jewish students, should be protected at any and all cost ,! Sharon stern

  7. Jackie Rozell It is the same old story They do not want to make waves. The Jewish Establishment remains the same worldwide. Here in Tennessee when the KKK and neo-nazi party held their annual convention at a STATE PARK, we notified all synagogues in 3 states along with the NAACP and Churches. My wife and I were the ONLY Jews who showed up

  8. Please show me where you get this info from? When will you stop the Hamas terrorists from firing rockets into Israel? When will you stop Terrorists from driving cars into Jews in Israel? When will you denounce terrorism and accept Israel has a right to exist?

  9. These Jews in USA voted for a Muslim into the WH>
    While he was still canvassing for the presidency, he said "Jerusalem must never be divided> The US Jews thought that this man is the new "Savior"

    Then he said, "That is not what I meant.'

    That was the signal for the US Jews to vote against him, but of course, the US Jew are too stupid to realise what he said is dangerous for Israel.
    Jews are usually Democ-Rats.
    So they voted for the MB to rule from the WH>

    I phoned all my friends and relatives in NY, LA, Boston and begged them not to put that liar into the WH as he will go all out to destroy Israel. One cousin told me never to contact him again. He blocked my emails. Another one shouted at me to mind my own business, as she will vote for Obama who is a Democ-Rat.
    I wonder what they will say now?

  10. Jordan Valley Witness, you said the same thing twice, it is ridiculous both times, founded on ineptitude and ill-conceived fact and I suggest if you have a stammer, then I recommend you put a large brick under your table and kick it when you go off into one of your stutters, it diverts your attention downward and then you stop repeating the same bull !

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