Photo Credit: IDF
IDF newly declassified report graphic shows information about where and how Hamas used human shields in Beit Hanoun during Operation Protective Edge.

The U.S. State Department has attacked its ally, Israel, for returning fire in combat when Hamas and allied terrorists shelled its soldiers or fired rockets at Israeli civilians from within and around UNWRA facilities.

It is standard military practice that American own troops have carried out thousands of times in Afghanistan, Mosul and elsewhere around the world without ever issuing even one leaflet of warning to the population, let alone a phone call requesting residents to leave.


The buildings under discussion are owned by the United Nations Works and Relief Agency (UNRWA) and were sheltering Gazans who were displaced by the combat initiated by Hamas. The situation made a very juicy, deliberate photo op for the terrorists, as noted in the terrorist training manual captured earlier in the summer by the IDF.

The terrorists were exploiting the United Nations facilities as rocket launching sites and in some cases, as weapons storage facilities, and were operating very close to the buildings where the Gaza civilians were staying, in a deliberate and cynical use of human shields. All this has been documented.

An UNRWA health center and attached distribution center in Jabaliya were exploited by Hamas terrorists for use as a rocket firing site from which to launch attacks against Israeli civilians. Satellite imagery documented the evidence.

And all of which seemingly has been ignored by the State Department, which scored Israel for returning fire to the source of attacks on its civilians and soldiers.

State Department spokesperson Marie Harf told reporters at a briefing this past Thursday, “We were horrified by the strikes that hit UNWRA facilities.”

As a matter of fact, it is not at all clear that any Israeli shells actually hit UNRWA facilities while they were occupied. There is satellite imagery and video documentation that the buildings were empty at the time that a single Israeli shell struck an UNWRA building.

Other shells that struck around UNRWA buildings and in a courtyard and were aimed directly with surgical precision at the terrorists who were being targeted precisely because they were firing rockets at Israeli civilians, and at Israeli soldiers.

Synagogue in Ashdod destroyed by Hamas rocket fire launched from Gaza.

None of which apparently mattered to the United States, even though the use of human shields does not preclude the legal right to wage war against a legitimate military target in international law.

“The suspicion that militants are operating nearby does not justify strikes that put at risk the lives of so many innocent civilians,” Harf said. “Israeli authorities say they’re investigating. We expect these to be investigated thoroughly and promptly, and we’ll continue pushing them to do so.”

A bit hostile for a representative of a nation that bills itself as Israel’s “greatest friend in the world,” no? She’s starting to sound a lot more like a few other leaders we could name, none of whom are friends of Israel these days.

Harf’s remarks followed a report issued earlier in the day by the Human Rights Watch organization, which has accused Israel of committing war crimes with “indiscriminate targeting of civilians” at three UNRWA schools — without offering evidence to back up its claims, of course.


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Rachel Levy is a freelance journalist who has written for Jewish publications in New York, New Jersey and Israel.


  1. The stories and comments are both becoming suspicious? Or does this article
    suggest Intl political correctness to its most
    sickening on the part of the US? "It ain't my
    fault…I told em nad ta do hit…….." I am
    sure tired of all the games people of all
    nations play……

  2. The State Department has historically, consistently, been against the State of Israel. Secretary of State Marshall was so much against Israel that he threatened to resign if Truman recognized Israel. This threat was considered to be very serious, because Marshall was much more respected than President Truman at that time. Marshall did not resign, and his attitude remains prevalent in the State Department to this day. Some think the State Department is bought by Arab money, but I don't think so.

  3. Where do they find people like Marie Haf? Under from which rock did she crawl? ….and this is the US state department? Sure? It sounds like the UN amd Hamas publicity department to me! This administration want' the world to asssit in destroying ISIS? Why? They are obviously allies of Marei Haf and the state department!

  4. The State Department and the White House are run by amateurs. The whole US current administration is run by amateurs from the president down to the lowest level departments. Read Edward Klein's book " The Amateur" is will tell you everything you need to know about Obama and his leadership qualities…..No surprises here.

  5. Israel lays itself open to condemnation by implying guilt with its statements like "investigating the Israeli fire" and apologising for Gaza civilian deaths. As brilliant as Israeli's are, they are at the bottom of the class when it comes to propaganda.

  6. Just think…72% of eligible Jewish voters in the USA donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the Democrats and to Obama knowing just how anti semitic the Democrats and Obama really is, on top of that these same numbers of Jews voted not once, but twice for these anti semites. So who or whom do you want to blame for this anti Israel situation?

  7. Who has ever warned the enmy of an attack? that is arch stupid and frankly Israel deserves to be blamed not for what it did but for what it IS,an idiot! lawyers know one should always talk as little as possible while israeli leaders keep BAWLING stupidities in every situation instead of acting silently. We can see the results! netanyahou is a diplomat always talking never acting and when he does he blunders and keeps bawling and ranting! He is a loser and probably always will be but NOT Israel and not thanks to him!

  8. Dolores Lopez No, you are the hatefilled person. Your comment is a kneejerk reaction. Take a deep breath and re-read all the comments. Both of the commenters you replied to are on your side.

  9. Is this hypocrite ignorant of the 160 children conscripted by Hamas to build terror tunnels, who were then executed for their labor? Why isn't this condemned over all other war crimes?

  10. Hey just pile on little old Israel its part of the play book ,be even handed and stick to Israel, even when the facts show Israel was protecting its self.,as for the so called un observers they probably aid and abet hamas,when ever they can.and they get away with it, so its no surprise to dump on Israel its the soup dejour.

  11. How many of you really understand that politics controls what we see in the headlines, we have almost no control if at all any! Countries have to keep face in the eyes of our enemies and our supposed friends. Understand this your GOVERMENT be it Israel or the US do not care about the individual! The individuals are just a number nothing more and a lot less. Once you understand this you will be better off!

  12. How many of you really understand that the US uses their own soldiers for experimental purposes without telling them! All countries do this to their own people in some shape or fashion. Be careful who you believe in and trust!

  13. US State Dept. anti semitism goes back to the Truman administration…his secretary of state hated the idea of Israel being reestablished as a nation…fought it tooth and nail and then set the thinking for future administrations. As for the islamics: "They Must Go!"

  14. Wow! So many opinions! A good politician is a dead or non practicing one – no matter country they are from. Politicians get paid to do what exactly – we all can answer that in different ways but the end result is for greed. Countries have to safe face no matter what the cost is. Please people that make ignorant statements that you yourself don't understand or cannot explain! This goes for most of you! Remember an opinion is not truth. Truth is rare in politics!

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