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Tumblr page of Mohammad G. Hammad, president of SFSU-funded General Union of Palestine Students

Several weeks ago The Jewish Press brought you the story of the California student leader, Muhammad G. Hammad, who posted on a social media platform a picture of himself holding a sharp blade, and describing how he wanted to stab Israeli soldiers with it.

Well, he’s baaaaaa-aack.


A new posting on Tumblr from Mohammad G. Hammad, president of San Francisco State University’s General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS), has been discovered by the AMCHA Initiative.

It’s even more graphic than the earlier one.

In this post, Hammad discusses the death of an Arab 17 year old in Hebron last year. The 17 year old was shot by a female Israel Defence Forces soldier after the youth attacked her and pulled a realistic-looking toy gun on her.  The post includes an entirely fabricated version of the actual events, one which portrays the Arab as a deaf teenager innocently out to get some birthday cake when he was shot to death by the IDF soldier, following an “altercation.”

In his “CUPCAKESANDKITTENS4EVER” Tumblr account, Hammad writes:

I’m sitting here looking through pictures of that f[EXPLETIVE DELETED] s[EXPLETIVE DELETED] [NAME REMOVED TO PROTECT THE SOLDIER] ….Anyone who thinks there can be peace with animals like this is absolutely delusional, and the only “peace” I’m interested in is the head of this f[EXPLETIVE DELETED s[EXPLETIVE DELETED on a plate, as well as the heads of all others like her, and all others who support the IDF

The Liberation of Palestine can only come through the destruction and decimation of this Israeli plague and it can’t possibly come soon enough.

The Jewish Press contacted Dr. Leslie Wong, the president of San Francisco State University. We wanted to know whether the school plans to take any action against Hammad, given that he has now named a specific individual whom he wants to kill, and has stated his desire to decapitate anyone who serves in the IDF and any IDF supporters. Surely that includes at least some people at SFSU.

Ellen Griffin, SFSU’s  associate vice president for communications, shared with The Jewish Press a statement issued yesterday by Dr. Wong. That statement addressed Hammad’s earlier Tumblr threat.  According to Griffin, the administration had not been aware of the second violence-glorifying post by the president of the Palestine Students Union.

It is now.

In yesterday’s statement Dr. Wong promised his university population that they should

trust that I will step in when speech or actions cross the line into violations of law or University policy. I am absolutely committed to maintaining a safe environment. In both recent cases, for example, we have conducted thorough threat assessments with law enforcement, increased campus safety measures, facilitated dialogue with student groups, offered counseling resources and initiated the student conduct review process. I am confident these actions protect both the safety and the rights of our campus community.

Can the SFSU environment be considered a safe one with a student leader – let’s say that again, a student leader! –  who has already posed making threats while caressing a knife, and is now calling for the beheading of IDF soldiers and anyone who supports them? Surely any “dialogue with student groups and counseling resources” is a tack already taken, one revealed to be insufficient.

Will SFSU make clear that threats against its population will not be tolerated? The SFSU administration is already on notice.  Any action taken after someone is already harmed will not be defensible.

We await a response from Dr. Wong.


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  1. The student’s actions are not what is in question, the question is how the university president will respond. And move on? Really? I’m guessing you are not in the pool of people being threatened.

  2. Pedro — The guy is a pig, I'm with you there. But it's not the same old story if the guy makes a specific threat against a particular person — especially if that person happens to be someone on the campus of the university where this genius is a 'student leader" (Yikes!). That kind of threat requires a response from the university administration and from law enforcement. It's not just about pigginess any more. The author of this story is right to focus attention on the new threat, and to demand a response. You can be damn sure that if an Israeli threatened an Arab in this way, there sure would be a response, from university administration, law enforcement, and probably the United States Department of Justice.

    But I have a great idea that will solve the problem. Let's take this genius and put him in a ring with the female IDF soldier who disposed of the 17 year old who was walking around with a "toy" gun. (By the way, do we in America know any 17 year olds — normal 17 year olds, that is — who walk around with toy guns in their pockets?) He can choose the weapons — if he likes knives I'm sure the young IDF lady can handle one just fine. It's easy to talk tough in San Francisco, where no-one is pulling toy guns on you. Let's see how Mr. Bigmouth does in the parts of the world not protected by (what's left of) American power.

  3. why isnt there an international petition to get this guy expelled.. not from the college but from our country. Sure seems like a threat to anyone who supports the state of israel.. that would not affect our president who is not so supportive of israel, but many congressman and senators oh and many american citizens.

  4. As a Jewish student here at San Francisco State University, I URGE President Wong to protect us here on campus. The Jews of SFSU come in peace, and we expect the same of students of all backgrounds as well. If these statements were made about any other minority group, I'd expect this to be all over the news and there would be mass protests about it on campus. And you can be sure that the Jews on campus would lead the protest against racism. Dr. Wong, you must protect the rights of Jewish students here on campus the same as you would other communities.

  5. American universities have been favoring Arabs and Muslims for many years, at least since FDR met King Ibn Saud in 1945. The State Dept plays a double game while universities promote pro-Arab profs and receive many millions from Arab oil sheikdoms and kingdoms to teach Middle East studies to suit the Arabs

  6. Just another moron out there in cyberspace. My first reaction is to cut off this man's balls. This way he can no longer pass his cancerous genes on to another anti semite. If that doesn't work, then maybe knockout punch would work. Simply place a yamalka on this man's head and bring him to Crown Heights Brooklyn. The Negros will do the rest.

  7. I am sharing this on FB since a few of my friends may be interested. I can only think that nitwits like this delusional individual, along with the likes of a Roger Waters or a Richard Falk have taken heart for their mediocrity from the mediocre agreement between Iran and the Obama administration. They must believe that if they tell a discredited lie over and over and over…they will get the same result Iran got.

  8. Is this sub human a citizen of our country or an exchange student? He should be deported as a National Security threat to our citizens and country. There are no rights for him to come into our country and spew hate and be expected to be protected by our constitution. It's a privilege to study in the USA, not a right and the SFSU administration should expel him.

  9. Robert Davis :If israeli leaders were eventually be able to understand this whole matter is in their hands for them to transfer all arabs from the WB over to eastern Palestine shelling them to death once for all this whole "political" circus would be OVER IN A MATTER OF DAYS instead of dragging on for ever. obama or kerry could do NOTHING against a fact no matter how much they want to destroy Israel. It ,is up to Netanyahou or some other israel PM if unable to deliver such a transfer,to do what it takes. A PM's job is not just to talk for ever…

  10. Liberals are afraid of knives. They will not dare take a stand against him. Instead, as the psychos they are they will try to "Understand" him and reach a conclusion It's all because of Jews and Zionism…….. If only jews did not exist– no one would want to cut off their heads…..

  11. Ok, come get me, lying coward. It's easy to sit there & tell lies & make big threats on Facebook. I DEMAND that you come get me, or admit that you're nothing but a bloodthirsty, hateful COWARD!

  12. Poor baby; he was born without a brain! Next thing we shall know, he will be giving speeches about how abused his body bomb fellow Arabs are. Or, how about the girl who had a cell phone? Her father made it hot for her. Would Hammad the mad student had lite the match on her? I am sick of all the abuse their children suffer from their parents. Where is the out-cry for this? Mad Hammad, go somewhere where your stupidity would be better accepted, as in Gaza!

  13. Looks like this man is in the right place. Here in America we say that California is the land of fruits and nuts. I don't know what his sexual preferences are but he is certainly a NUT. I have always thought we ought to cut California loose and let it float out into the Pacific Ocean with all of its nuts.

  14. Dear Deborah,
    I feel your pain, but rest assured the more outspoken this atrocity comes to light, something will be done to rectify the situation. Believe me, we Jews have A LOT of power going for us both within and outside of US and of course Israel. If the ADL gets a hold of this something will be done!

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