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Police escort into court a minor who is suspected of slashing the tires of an IDF Brigade in Yitzhar, in Samaria, April 2014

Legal aid society Honenu reported Thursday that the Magistrate’s Court in Petah Tikva has ordered the release of another minor who was arrested in the Duma arson murder case. The minor, a resident of central Israel, was released to house arrest for several days on financial bail. He was arrested two weeks ago, and only on Wednesday night, after 15 days of incarceration, was he allowed to see his attorney, Uri Keinan, who is employed by Honenu.

After the hearing, attorney Keinan said, “I’m glad that after 15 very difficult days the minor has been released, thank God. The child has been able to keep his spirits up under unbearable conditions in one of the harshest interrogations I have ever run across.”


The minor’s release is added to a list of now 4 releases in the Duma affair. Two days ago, another detainee was released after 30 days of harsh interrogations and torture, when it became clear that he has no connection to the affair.

It should be noted that the investigation of the Duma case is still under a gag order that began some time in the summer of 2015. The prosecution has promised the Petah Tikva court on Wednesday to indict at least one, maybe two suspects in this case in five days.


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  1. The names of those who signed are rabbis:

    Hananiya Avitan, Ori Einhorn, Chaim Borganski, David Bigman, Menachem Blank, Binyahu Broener, Rachamim Barchiyahu;

    Baruch Gigi, Avraham Geiser, Yehudah Gilad, Oriel Ganul, Yehoshua Greenstein; Oren Duvdevani, Benny Holtzman, Tzachi Hershkowitz;

    Ayal Vered, Mordechai Vardi, David Zano, Tzvi Yanir; Yehudah Yesharim, Aharon Katz, Benny Lau, Ronen Lobitz, Amit Mashiach, Chaim Navon, Meir Nehorai;

    Ronen Noyberg, Asher Sabag, Danny Segal, Yair Silverman, Yisrael Samet, Ilan Sayadia, David Stav, Rafi Feuerstein; Tzvi Koren; and

    Avi Kanai, Avichai Ronzki, Avraham Ronikov, Shmuel Reiner, Aryeh Stern; Sharon Shalom, Shlomo Riskin, David Shmuel, David Simchon, Yosef Shanah, Moshe Shefter, and Yuval Sherlow.

  2. Notice an Arab boy who stabs a Jewish boy on a bike in Pisgat Zeev is given deluxe accomadations VIP in a hospital. An innocent boy who is Jewish and never hurt anybody goes to the dungeon for torture. I can understand Nazis and Communists hurt their fellow Jew this way. Is there a name for Jews who harm their bretheren this way. We demand legal accountability for this sham!

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