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Arab mother and baby (archive)

Ghaith is the name of the 63rd child born of smuggled sperm belonging to an Arab terrorist behind bars in Israel, according to Ma’an. On Sunday he emerged into the world in the Arab Specialist Hospital in Shechem, “amidst a great joy that swept the family of the prisoner Ali Mohammed Saeed al-Qaisi from Jenin.”

Ali’s wife, Haifa al-Qaisi, “expressed her joy when she gave birth to her new baby from a sperm that had been smuggled from inside prison,” in an effort that overcame “strict Israeli measures to prevent the smuggling of sperm from inside the prisons.”


“Our joy today is not described as Ghaith, but this joy will remain incomplete and will only be complete with the release of Ali,” said Haifa, whose 21-year-old husband was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

According to activist Mayser Atani, 50 wives of security prisoners have so far been able to give birth to 63 children through artificial insemination, which shows that PA Arab continue to be productive despite all obstacles.

Either that, or these wives have come up with the perfect alibi for extramarital affairs…

“The smuggling of sperm from inside the prisons of the Israeli occupation is a real revolution made by the resistance movement and being added to the history of Palestinian achievements,” Atani insisted.

For its part, the management of the Arab Specialist Hospital reported that baby and mother are healthy, and the weight of the baby is 5.5 pounds. It also confirmed that the hospital would continue to conduct such operations for the wives of prisoners – free of charge.


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