Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash90
A pack of dogs in the fields outside Kibbutz Beeri near the Gaza border.

Dozens of complaints have been received from IDF soldiers and officials at the Gaza Strip border area in recent days, about packs of stray dogs from Gaza that attack them, Reshet Bet Radio reported on Tuesday.

Hundreds of dogs approach the fighters who are in the staging areas in northern Gaza. They growl, bare their fangs, and try to bite the soldiers. So far, the fighters have repelled them and have not been harmed.


Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority estimates that more than a thousand stray dogs have entered Israel from the Gaza Strip. They prey on wild animals, especially farm animals. Many dogs killed and devoured calves in the Gaza envelope kibbutz barns, and now they have begun to attack IDF fighters.

The Chief Scientist of the Nature and Parks Authority, Dr. Yehoshua Shkedi, told Reshet Bet Radio: “We are warning that the phenomenon of stray dogs must be taken care of. There is no choice but to shoot them dead.”

There has already been a tragedy of a Bedouin toddler who was bitten to death by a stray dog from Gaza, according to Dr. Shkedi.

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