Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
Elevator in northern Gaza terror tunnel.

Going up?

Soldiers from the IDF reservist 5th Brigade combat team found a fully functional elevator in a Hamas terror tunnel they discovered and searched while fighting in the northern Gaza town of Al-Shati.


Last week, the 5th brigade combat team, in cooperation with the Israeli Air Force and the Yahalom Unit, destroyed a tunnel shaft that led to a hideout room for the Hamas terrorist organization, and which contained an underground elevator.

Israeli military forces have discovered elevators in numerous Hamas terror tunnels over the past three months while searching the subterranean “Gaza Metro” labyrinth beneath the surface of the enclave.

The 5th Brigade soldiers were initially stationed in defensive missions in southern Israel since the start of the war, but later operated inside in Gaza.

Underground rocket launchers discovered by Israeli military forces in northern Gaza.

The soldiers located many weapons, night vision and observation devices, intelligence documents belonging to the terrorist organization, along with rocket launchers — including those embedded underground — during their operations in Al-Shati.

The weapons were confiscated and the launchers were destroyed.

“The 5th Brigade combat team has completed its mission and will be replaced in the area by other forces,” the IDF said.


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