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Ambulance evacuates wounded from Gaza border attack. May 12, 2021

One soldier was killed, one critically wounded and at least one more person was wounded by a Kornet anti-tank missile that hit a vehicle in the Gaza Strip Envelope. The missile was fired from the northern Gaza Strip into Israeli territory. MDA Director-General Eli Bin said that one of the wounded has died. The other two remain in critical and moderate condition respectively.

Israeli medical teams evacuating the casualties were then ambushed and bombarded by terrorists firing mortars from the other side of the border, making the treatment and evacuation of the casualties difficult.


The soldier was identified as Sgt. Omer Tabib, 21, in the 931st Battalion of the Nahal Brigade. Talib is from Moshav Eliakim.

An Israeli Air Force gunship was alerted to the scene to provide cover for the teams and to fend off the terrorists.

Sgt. Omer Tabib zl (21)

Hamas’ military wing has announced that it had launched a “guided missile that hit an Israeli vehicle.”

Immediately after the shooting, alarms were activated in the area, and medical teams treated the wounded under rocket fire.

Dr. Rafael Strogo, an MDA doctor who treated the wounded, said that his team performed an initial triage for three wounded, one of whom suffered from injuries from shrapnel. Another wounded man suffered severe limb injuries.

“We evacuated the wounded to the hospital while providing medical treatment and stabilizing their condition. Alarms were sounded throughout the incident and we operated under fire,” he said.

The four casualties were evacuated to Barzilai Hospital, including one in severe condition, one seriously injured and two in moderate condition.

Shortly afterward, the IDF spokesman reported the firing of additional anti-tank weapons from the northern Gaza Strip into Israeli territory.

Hamas released a video of the attack.

On Wednesday morning, the IAF attacked the home of senior Hamas terrorist Saleh Dahman, which served as a weapons depot for the Hamas terrorist organization.

Sources in Gaza reported that four people were killed by IDF fire in a vehicle in Beit Lahiya, in the northern Gaza Strip.

Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett wrote on Wednesday morning that “following the difficult night of massive fire from Gaza and Arab riots against Jews who were abandoned to their fate in the mixed cities, I call on the government not to end the current round in Gaza before Hamas pays a heavy price.”

Bennett added that “the Ministry of Internal Security and the police must immediately ensure the security of the families who are besieged in their homes for fear of the Arab rioters and bring the rioters to justice.”

Religious Zionism immediately responded to Bennett’s statement, saying: “To our astonishment, not only does Bennett refuse to remove from his agenda the formation of a government with the terrorists who are currently rioting against the Jews of Lod, Ramla, and the Negev, but during these very hours he continues to have intensive contacts with them to form a government. Bennett and Shaked continue to experience an inconceivable loss of values.”

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