Photo Credit: TPS
A tank on Israel Gaza border. Gaza, Oct 31, 2017

IDF protocol is that following a rocket attack from Gaza, IDF soldiers near the Gaza front man their posts and wait for orders to attack. The enemy targets are pre-selected.

Following the rocket attack on Ashkelon on Saturday night from Gaza, Gazan sources reported in real-time that the IDF immediately responded and opened fire, but the IDF denied the report at the time.


The IDF later discovered that an IDF tank along the border had opened fire on one of those pre-selected Hamas positions without waiting for orders to fire. No Hamas terrorists were wounded or killed as they had already evacuated that position.

It seems the tank crew were eager to confront the enemy, and jumped the gun, so to speak.

(Update: The IDF says there was a miscommunication between the commanders).

Eventually later Saturday night, IAF fighter planes and helicopters attacked 12 Hamas targets including two rocket production sites, underground infrastructure and a Hamas navy training facility. There are no reports of Hamas wounded or dead at this point.

Last week, during a rain storm, two rockets from Gaza were launched at Israel. The launch was deemed accidental and due to a lightning strike on the Gazan missile launcher.

On the Israeli social networks, the joke this morning is that a lightning bolt must have hit the tank, causing it to accidentally fire. Others are proud of the soldiers who showed eagerness to fight the enemy

A factory in Ashkelon was hit by the Gazan rocket, causing damage. The Iron Dome rocket defense system did not hit the rocket. The IDF is investigating the failure.

A pregnant woman in Ashkelon was evacuated to the Barzilai Medical Center after getting hurt running to the safe room when the rocket siren went off. She is listed in good condition.



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