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The dog the Arab lynch mob killed outside Alei Zahav, July 29, 2022.

A Jewish man was injured and his dog was beaten to death by dozens of Arab rioters who came up from the village of Burqin toward the settlement of Alei Zahav in northern Samaria, Israeli media reported on Saturday night.

A mob of Arabs from Burqin went up after Friday’s prayer to the settlement of Alei Zahav. On their way they encountered the Jewish man, a resident of Alei Zahav, who was walking with his dog. Presumably acting on whatever they had been preached in the local mosque, the Arabs quickly went about beating up the Jewish man, trying to kill him, much as Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish villagers had done for centuries after being inspired by their clergymen on Sundays.


The army and Jewish civilians from the four local settlements who were alerted to the scene succeeded in chasing away the lynch mob and evacuated the victim to Beilinson Hospital, but not before the Arabs had killed the man’s little dog.

One participant in the lynch mob was arrested.

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, responded: “This is an actual murder attempt. The Shin Bet must investigate and deal with the terrorists. This is how we expect the security forces to treat the incident of attempted murder, especially after the incident when a resident of Nofei Nehemiah tried to protect 30 children from a lynching, the Shin Bet intervened with all its might and brutally interrogated the resident. Now, when it comes to an Israeli who is walking on Erev Shabbat and is attacked by 30 terrorists who try to murder him, we expect the Shin Bet to capture the violators and bring them to justice.”

Alei Zahav, population 3,200, was established in 1983 and later named after Aliza Begin, the late prime minister’s wife. The community is a mix of about 60% secular and 40% religious Israelis.

The Arab village of Burqin, population 5,900, is mostly Muslim, with a small Christian enclave. Burqin is where, according to the New Testament, you know who healed lepers.

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