Photo Credit: Basel Awidat/Flash90
Israeli security forces at the entrance to the Al-Jalama checkpoint near Jenin, January 18, 2018.

Three Arabs, including one terrorist, were killed overnight Thursday in an exchange of gunfire with Israeli security forces at the Jenin refugee camp (which is basically just another neighborhood in Jenin).

The Israelis were Mista’arvim, counter-terrorism units of the IDF, Border Police, and Israel Police who are specifically trained to assimilate within the Arab population. They are commonly tasked with intelligence gathering, law enforcement, hostage rescues, and counter-terrorism, using disguise and surprise to their advantage.


The Palestinian Authority’s Health Ministry confirmed that two PA security officers were shot dead by the Yamam-a counter-terrorism unit of the Border Police, in Jenin during a military raid overnight Thursday. It said Adham Yasser Eleiwi, 23, and Tayseer Ayasa, 32, were killed, and a third was critically injured in the attack. The two dead were members of the PA Military Intelligence service.

According to PA reports, the three were killed during an exchange of gunfire with the Yamam unit that was searching for wanted persons and terrorists in the camp. The funerals of the dead took place early Thursday morning—a curious point that may suggest the PA did not want the locals to turn the burials into an anti-Fatah riot.

There were no casualties to the Israeli force.


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