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Alon Liel

Liel is married to Rachel Liel, director of the Israeli branch of the New Israel Fund.



  1. Entire family of traitors. Wife with NIF!!! I wonder about his kids following in the family tradition.
    No wonder pro Israeli diplomacy was unseen until lately when these people did their best to betray Israel while on their post as Israel's diplomats. A fifth column.

  2. Every family has its' nitwits and crazies! These moronic lefties are ours! They really should convert to Islam…take a lesson in bomb making and attack all remnants of their ancestry. That would be more honest than this pandering to the anti-semites.

  3. “…. In 2012, Liel wrote an op-ed in South Africa’s Business Day, calling for a boycott of settlement products. He has been supporting a cultural boycott of Israel, and endorsed Alice Walker’s decision to ban a new Hebrew translation of The Color Purple….” Sheer madness on a way to self destruction. Wake up and get some sense into this head of yours. Madder than Sweden or Germany. Stopn now when you still have some land to call HOME. You cans ee how the Muslims are beahving throughout Europe, do you think they will be nicer, kinder, more appreciative towards isarel? Not only do you represent Jews but we all are infidels to be destroyed.

  4. This is an egotistical man on a personal campaign to avenge his pride for having been bypassed for his much wanted position…no matter what the cost to both the Nation of Israel and the Palestinians who depend on their work in these disputed areas. In any other country he would be expelled for treason. Nothing like anger to fuel the evil tongue.

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