Photo Credit: RUPTLY YouTube screen capture
Berlin Police spokesperson Martin Halweg

Berlin police have arrested a gang of 10 after a 25-year-old Syrian Jewish man was viciously attacked by a mob of Muslim immigrants to Germany early Saturday morning.

According to Berlin police spokesperson Martin Halweg, the victim was attacked about a half hour after midnight on the Sabbath in Berlin’s Mitte district, in James Simon Park.


The man “asked a group of people for a lighter in the park,” the police spokesperson said, according to an English translation by Al Masdar News, quoting Halweg, who spoke in German.

“The question alone already led to a verbal argument between him and members of this group.

“One of his opponents then spotted that the 25-year-old was wearing on a necklace with a David’s star on it; he ripped it off, made an anti-Semitic remark and suddenly punched the victim in the face multiple times,” he said.

“At first only one member of the group attacked the 25-year-old, punching him to the ground. He then got back on his feet and fled for few meters but then collapsed due to the beatings. Some members of the group followed him and punched and kicked him while he was on the ground,” the spokesperson said.

The suspects were arrested shortly after, and according to Halweg, an investigation has been launched by Police State Security for “aggravated battery with anti-Semitic background.”