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Nazi Irmgard F., 97, wheeled into juvenile court for her sentencing.

A juvenile court in Germany on Tuesday convicted Irmgard F., 97, who worked as stenographer and typist at the Stutthof concentration camp, of complicity in the murder of more than 10,505 inmates, for which she received a two-year suspended sentence––as per the request of the prosecutors.

What was a 97-year-old Nazi doing in juvenile court, you may ask. It turns out she was only 18 or 19 when those 10,000 inmates were systematically murdered, practically a minor.


But wait, there’s more: according to Deutsche Welle, Irmgard F., who kept silent during her trial, said toward the end: “I’m sorry for everything that happened. I regret that I was in Stutthof at the time. I can’t say anything else.”

She was captured by German authorities after trying to escape from the old age home where she resides. She took a taxi to an underground station and remained in hiding for a few hours.

Listen, it’s not easy to turn the Holocaust into a joke, many have tried, and many failed, but this story absolutely celebrates the absurdity of the Germans’ collective attempt to escape their responsibility for the worst crime against humanity in history. They all, in the end, call a taxi and go hide in the local train station.

The prosecutors requested a suspended juvenile sentence of two years, because––they really said it––it’s the longest possible sentence that doesn’t carry jail time.

Now, who has the heart to throw a Nazi grandmother to jail just because she facilitated the murder of 10,000 Jewish prisoners, Polish partisans, and Russian prisoners of war? By the way, Stutthof did just fine even before Irmgard F. came to work – they murdered 65,000 inmates altogether.

Were you tempted to do the math? The sentence was about 100 minutes per murder – suspended!

The defense called for their client to be found not guilty, arguing she was unaware of the scope of the murder and crimes committed at the camp.

Public prosecutor Maxi Wantzen told the court: “This trial is of outstanding historical importance.” He added that it’s probably the last of its kind, all the time making believe he actually did his job as prosecutor of Nazi murderers.

About these horrible people, the Psalmist wrote (Psalms 137:8-9): “Fair Babylon, you predator, a blessing on him who repays you in kind for what you inflicted on us; a blessing on him who seizes your babies and dashes them against the rocks!”


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