Photo Credit: Wikimedia / Fred Schaerli / SA 3.0
Makhachkala Airport in Dagestan, Russia, 2010

An Islamic lynch mob stormed Makhachkala Airport in the Republic of Dagestan, a Muslim-Majority section of Russia, on Sunday night, after discovering a flight from Tel Aviv was about to land.


Hundreds of pro-Hamas Muslims screaming “Allahu Akbar” (the Islamic war cry God is Great) rampaged through the airport, hunting for Jews.

The mob, waving Palestinian Authority flags, stormed the tarmac, forcing the Red Wings plane that had arrived from Israel to seal its doors to protect the passengers.

The mob checked the passports of any passengers they could find, hunting for the Israelis (Jews) — with no interference by police.

Makhachkala Airport was shut down in response, and flights that were scheduled to arrive were placed on hold, according to

Social media footage on Telegram showed the rioters stopping cards to check the documents of drivers and passengers, hunting for Israelis and Jews.

Antisemitism has been skyrocketing in the Caucasus, a region that includes Dagestan. A pro-Hamas mob raided a hotel in the city of Hasbiurt this weekend, hunting for Jews, according to Wall Street Journal reporter Yaroslav Trofimov.

In Khasavyurt, Dagestan, a hotel posted a sign at the entrance, stating clearly: “Entry to citizens of Israel (Jews) strictly forbidden.”

Sound familiar? It should. Welcome back to 1938. And all it took was a Jewish refusal to tolerate massacre of Jews by terrorists, the Israeli decision to wage a war of self-defense.

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