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Rabbi Yonason Abraham

Rabbi Yonason Abraham, last week resigned his position as a prominent member of the London Beth Din as well as his post as the rabbi of Toras Chaim synagogue in Hendon, north west London.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, Rabbi Abraham said he had been “under exceptional strain and stress for some time which has taken its inevitable toll. I have been spent my life helping others including some wonderful friends and supporters in this kehillah (congregation) of which I am so proud. I now need to help myself and my family.” He asked congregants to respect his and his family’s privacy.

Screenshot via the Jewish Chronicle

Rabbi Abraham, 55, was born in London and studied in Gateshead, Lakewood, as well as Brisk in Jerusalem. He moved with his Australian wife to Melbourne in 1985 where he served as the rabbi of Caulfield Shule and a dayan of the Melbourne Beit Din.

In 2001 he was offered a seat at the London Beit Din, and became involved with community organizations and became Nasi (president) of the network of Jewish day schools Shuvu and of the Leeds Kollel.