Photo Credit: Jamal Awad / Flash 90
UNRWA office in Jerusalem. UNRWA is tightly linked to Hamas.

During a meeting between U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Prime Minister Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Wednesday, the American diplomat was shown photos of a giant tunnel that was exposed in recent days underneath the central headquarters of UNRWA in the Gaza Strip. The meeting was attended by senior officials from both sides.

The Israeli leader showed Blinken proof of the misuse of the UNRWA headquarters’ underground premises for apparent terrorist tunneling purposes.


The tunnel that was revealed in the meeting was found in the Rimal neighborhood of Gaza City. According to the Israel Defense Forces, it is believed to be one of Hamas’s strategic tunnels.

This comes amid the ongoing revelations that staff of the U.N. relief agency for the Palestinians were actively involved in the Oct. 7 attack against Israel and have long been disseminating incitement against Israel through various platforms, including as teachers.

Originally published by Israel Hayom.

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Ariel Kahana is a diplomatic correspondent for Israel Hayom.