Photo Credit: DS Levi
Agarnesh Mengistu, mother of Hamas captive Avre Mengistu, appealing for help at UN, Nov. 20 2017

The saddened mother and brother of Avre Mengistu, one of several Israeli citizens being held by Hamas in Gaza, were accompanied to the United Nations in New York by Israel’s Ambassador Danny Danon in a call to the international community to pressure the terror group to release him.

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, with Agarnesh and Ilan Gashao Mengistu, the mother and brother of Avre Mengistu at the UN Nov. 20 2017

Ilan Gashao Mengistu and his mother Agarnesh appealed to the world body “to put the full weight of its authority on anyone who can help release my brother Avre.”


“The Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza is toying with the life of a mentally disabled civilian,” Ilan Mengistu said.

“They are playing a cynical and cruel game with the life of a man who has never harmed a soul. Look at my mother. She is a mother like all other mothers, and she deserves to know the fate of her son.

“Pressure Hamas, which is holding an ill individual captive more than three years, and is responsible for his fate.”

Danon said the family was entitled to answers.

“The terrorists of Hamas have refused to even provide a sign of life to these suffering families,” Danon said. “All those who demand an end to the humanitarian plight for the residents of Gaza must also demand the immediate release of all Israelis held by Hamas,” Danon said.

“Hamas is also holding the almost two million residents of the Gaza Strip hostage. Instead of providing education and healthcare, they’re digging terror tunnels and building rockets, while denying their people the chance for a good life.”


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