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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leads a cabinet meeting, July 9, 2023.

At the start of Sunday’s cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “We are at the conclusion of the summer session, and the government is promoting three major goals that will change the lives of our citizens.”

He continued: “The first revolution is in the cost of living. We are putting an end to the absurd situation in which Israeli citizens pay more than Europe. The government adopted a fundamental decision to lower the cost of living. The market will expand, competition will increase, and prices will decrease. All the moves will reduce the cost of living for the first time in decades.”


Next, according to the PM, comes “the second revolution, in transportation. In previous governments, we connected the country with roads and interchanges. Today we are launching the One Israel project, connecting the entire country by high-speed rail, with a multi-year budget of one hundred billion shekels ($27 billion). My vision is that everyone in the country will be able to get anywhere in the country quickly, without traffic jams, without air pollution, comfortably and safely.”

Finally, “The third revolution is in high-tech,” the PM noted. “We passed the Angels Law in the Knesset, which will boost the Israeli community in this field.

He also said that his ministers will pass several bills this session, including “the Protection Law; the Law to protect the Helpless; Gallant’s IDF Law; and the Ankle Monitors Law.”

The PM avoided any reference to the 800-pound gorilla on the cabinet’s table, namely the future of the judicial reform. He only said, “As we promised, we will use the summer session to try to reach agreements. Hopefully this time our outstretched hand will not remain in the air.”

Before the cabinet meeting, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant was asked whether the government would obey a Supreme Court decision that would revoke the reasonability clause law, and responded: “The State of Israel is a democratic country of laws.”

That it is.


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