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The IDF demolished the home of the terrorist who last February murdered the brothers Hillel and Yaigal Yaniv, August 8, 2023.

Large IDF forces led by the Shomron Brigade operated overnight Tuesday in the Askar camp in Shechem to demolish the home of the terrorist who murdered the brothers Hillel and Yaigal Yaniv on February 26 in a shooting attack on the road that passes through the town of Huwara in Samaria.

Hillel Menachem Yaniv and his brother Yigal Yaakov Yaniv were traveling through Huwara when a vehicle driven by terrorists crashed into them, forcing them to stop. At least one of the terrorists then exited, walked over to the two brothers’ car, and shot them at point-blank range, execution-style. The terrorists then fled to Shechem (2 Jewish Brothers Killed by Drive-By Fire on Rt. 60 near Shechem).


Al-Quds reported: “A large explosion was heard inside the apartment belonging to the family of the martyr Abdelfattah Kharousha, hours after it was stormed by the Israeli occupation forces, which stormed the entire eastern region of Shechem and turned the Askar camp into a military barracks during their operation. Clashes took place between the young men and the occupation forces, and resistance fighters opened fire at those forces. A young man was wounded by live bullets in the foot, while another was injured as a result of being beaten, 3 were wounded by rubber bullets, and dozens suffocated from tear gas canisters.”

Shortly after the cowardly murder of the Yaniv brothers, local Jews avenged their death (Settlers Avenge Murder of Yaniv Brothers: 1 Arab Dead, 390 Injured, Huwara Set on Fire, 30 Evacuated). According to the Red Crescent, 390 Arabs were injured, including 250 who suffered smoke inhalation, as a result of the settlers’ setting buildings and cars on fire in town. Radio host Yotam Zimri said on a Channel 14 panel Sunday night (I paraphrase): “Revenge is indeed God’s domain, but there’s such a thing as hishdalut-effort, to help God get started.”

The terrorist, Abdelfatah Hossein Ibrahim Kharousha, was a Hamas operative who fled after the attack to the Jenin “refugee” camp. He was eliminated a week and a half after the double murder by security forces who fired anti-tank missiles at the building where he barricaded himself. His two sons, Khaled and Mohammad Kharousha, who took part in the murders, were arrested by security forces.

Kharousha planned to carry out another shooting attack against soldiers together with one of his sons, whom he equipped with an improvised Carlo weapon. Kharousha had been released from Israeli prison only four months before the attack, after serving almost three years for planning attacks.


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