Photo Credit: Israel Police
An old grenade discovered in Tel Aviv. April 6, 2021

Police sappers were sent to a location in the heart of Tel Aviv on Tuesday to defuse a stockpile of hand grenades and other explosive items dating from the period of the establishment of the state in 1948.

Police sappers and Tel Aviv police officers were called Tuesday morning to Karmiya Street in Tel Aviv after receiving a report of weapons found by a gardener in a bush.


The police arrived at the scene and found a cache of grenades and old bullets. The sappers dated the cache from the time of the establishment of the state and were hidden at the site by the Haganah underground.

Due to the damaged condition of the weapons, including rust and broken mechanisms, along with the existence of explosives, police sappers used a robot to examine the state of the old explosive and remove the risk for them and the general public, before collecting and transferring them to a laboratory.


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