Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot.
MK Ayman Odeh walking away from a photo op with Israeli flags, November 15, 2022.

The members of the 25th Knesset came to be sworn in, and as part of the process were asked to be photographed next to Israeli flags and the Country’s Menorah symbol. The vast majority of MKs were delighted, and the new members were even excited to have their picture taken, for later use next to their bios on the Knesset website. A few didn’t.


Hadash Chairman MK Ayman Odeh was videoed going in, being asked to have his portrait taken, agreeing, but then, after realizing this would be next to the flag, backed out.

Ofer Cassif, also from the Hadash Communist party and its token Jews, also refused to be immortalized next to his country’s flags.

Happy 25th Knesset, y’all!


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