Photo Credit: Courtesy Regavim
Arabs raiding IDF firing zone for weapons and ammo

The IDF on Sunday has changed its rules of engagement, to permit launching a suspect-detention procedure, including opening fire, at gun-thieves in the IDF’s firing zones.

To date, the IDF rules of engagement have allowed the apprehension of a suspect involved in committing a serious crime. Now the rules have been amended to include weapons and ammunition thieves in the list of serious criminals, thus making it permissible to fire at them as part of the suspect-detention procedure.


The Regavim movement issued a statement saying they welcome the IDF’s readiness to change the rules of engagement against thieves operating in the IDF’s firing zones.

“In recent years, we have worked with many reservists to change the situation in which dozens of looters enter the training grounds and terrorize IDF soldiers who have been prevented to act against them using any means,” went the statement, concluding: “We welcome the change and hope that this is the first sign of an overall change in policy on the [rules of engagement].”

Reserve soldier Alon Malik, who sent a letter signed by thousands of reservists to the chief of staff demanding that the theft of bases be dealt with, told NRG “It’s a good thing that we went from a state of madness to a state that is semi normal,” meaning there was still a lot to be fixed in the IDF’s current rules of engagement (which often put soldiers’ lives in jeopardy).

Nachi Eyal, CEO of the Legal Forum for the Jewish Israel, issued a statement saying, “The new decision is the right thing and should restore deterrence to IDF soldiers, especially in the training areas.” He added, “We are proud to have taken part in conceiving this decision.”

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