Photo Credit: United Hatzalah
The scene after the stabbing on the bridge connecting Givat Shmuel with Bnei Brak, July 5, 2022.

A Haredi man, 47, was stabbed around 5:30 Tuesday morning by another man near the pedestrian bridge over Route 4, connecting Givat Shmuel with Bnei Brak. The victim was evacuated to the hospital. The MDA medics who treated him said that “he said he was attacked while walking on the bridge in the direction of Bnei Brak.”

Police are searching in Bnei Brak for the stabber, but have also issued a gag order for six days on revealing details on the attacker.


The hospital said the wounded man is in serious but stable condition, with a head wound, and is conscious.

Police have not yet confirmed it was a terror attack.

Schools in the area have been told to be extra careful at their entrance gates.

Update: the victim was hit with a concrete construction block.

At about the same time in an unrelated event, a man was killed and another lightly injured during a police operation in Majd al-Krum, an Arab town in the Galilee, about 10 miles east of Acco.

Police said a special Lahav 433 force was on the scene following a series of shootings and thrown hand grenades at the home of a local resident. The officers spotted two suspects on a scooter without a license plate who were throwing an explosive device at the same house. The charge exploded, but no one was injured.

The two assailants tried to escape from the policemen, who opened fire on them. The scooter slipped on the road and one of the men was killed. The other sustained only light injuries.

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