Photo Credit: Flash90
MDA workers in protective remove a man who had tested positive for the coronavirus from a bus on Highway 1 to Jerusalem, April 5, 2020.

Sunday marked a lull in new coronavirus cases as well as in deaths in Spain, Italy, Germany and France. Currently, the situation in these four European country is:

Spain: 131,646 total cases, 12,641 deaths, 38,080 recoveries, 270 dead per 1 million.


Italy: 128,948 total cases, 15,887 deaths, 21,815 recoveries, 263 dead per 1 million.

Germany: 100,123 total cases, 1,584 deaths, 28,700 recoveries, 19 dead per 1 million.

France: 92,839 total cases, 8,078 deaths, 16,183 recoveries, 124 dead per 1 million.

Israel recorded 8,611 cases as of Monday morning, 181 cases added on Sunday. 51 Israelis have died, the vast majority of whom were in their 80s.

The worst hit communities in Israel are:

Jerusalem, population 856,700, with 150 new cases on Sunday, and 1,461 infected altogether.

Bnei Brak, population 200,000, with 121 new cases on Sunday, and 1,339 infected altogether.

Tel Aviv, population 440,000, with 24 new cases on Sunday, and 392 infected altogether.

El’ad, a Haredi city about 15 miles east of Tel Aviv, population 55,000, saw 35 new cases on Sunday, bring the total to 167.

As of Sunday afternoon, there are more than 122,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in New York State, including more than 67,500 in New York City. At least 4,159 people died in NY State.

The United States marked 157 new cases on Sunday, bringing the total nationwide to 336,830. There were 2 new deaths, with a total so far of 9,618 dead. 8,702 Americans are in serious to critical condition.

There have been 1,274,589 cases of coronavirus worldwide as of Monday morning, with 69,488 deaths and 264,840 recoveries.