Photo Credit: I, Neta / Wikipedia
The Gymnasia Ha'Ivrit school in Rehavia, Jerusalem.

On Tuesday, the Gymnasia HaIvrit School in Rehavia, Jerusalem  discovered that one of their 7th grade student was infected with Coronavirus. Forty students and teachers were sent into preventative quarantine.

On Thursday morning, after testing, it was discovered that three teachers and three students were among the infected. By Thursday afternoon, following additional Coronavirus testing, that number jumped to six teachers and six students, including a student from the 9th grade.


As of now, 180 students and 30 teachers and staff members have gone into quarantine.

The school, which has over 1,100 students has been shut down for the week.

Approximately 500 students from the school have been tested so far, and the rest will be tested on Sunday.



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