Photo Credit: Jewish Press
2018 Annual Flag Dance March arrives at Damascus Gate entrance to Old City of Jerusalem

Thousands of Israelis and Jews from around the world flooded through the holy city of Jerusalem on Sunday to join the annual Flag Dance on Sunday (May 13), celebrating the reunification of Israel’s eternal capital.


Jewish men and boys marched in brotherhood on one side, and Jewish women and girls marched in sisterhood on the other; together, the nation of Israel marched with the blue-and-white Flag of Israel down the main streets of Jerusalem down to the Old City, where they entered through the Damascus Gate and then marched through the ancient passageways to the Western Wall.

The Jerusalem Flag Dance March made its way through the ancient alleys of the Old City of Jerusalem

It was nightfall by the time the thousands of Jews arrived en masse at the Western Wall, waving banners and Israeli flags, and singing the songs of Jerusalem, this time God willing reunited forever. The evening prayer was subsequently recited at the Western Wall, the sole remnant of the ancient Second Holy Temple of Jerusalem that remains standing to this day, patiently bearing witness to the eternity of the Jewish future that lies ahead.

Thousands of Jews participating in the Jerusalem Flag Dance March arrive joyously after nightfall at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem.

In the evening, the heralded ramparts of ancient Jerusalem were lit up with a light show that blazed a message in red, white and blue: “Thank You, President Trump.”

“Thank You, President Trump” was the message in red, white and blue lights on the ancient ramparts of Jerusalem, for moving the U.S. Embassy to Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem, and for recognizing and publicly acknowledging the reality of our capital fearlessly to the entire world, despite the countless threats you endured . . .

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