Arab media has identified the terrorist in Friday’s stabbing attack as Dr. Hazem Al-Julani, 50, director of the Rian College of Complementary Medicine.

On Friday afternoon, the terrorist attempted to stab a policeman near the entrance to the Temple Mount, and was shot by the policeman he was attacking. The terrorist died of his wounds at Hadassah Hospital. The policeman was lightly injured from shrapnel from the gunfire.

Dr. Hazem Aljulani, 50, director of the Rian College of Complementary Medicine,

Arab sources say that Al-Julani was in heavy financial debt and he tried to kill himself earlier in the week.

Police have arrested a 60-year-old woman suspected to have a connection to the attack.

Israeli police released the above video of the attack.

A photo is also circulating on social media showing a policeman putting his foot on the downed terrorists, an act which is considered very insulting in Islamic culture and has enraged some people on social media.


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