Photo Credit: Zoltan Kluger
Holocaust refugees from Dachau and Buchenwald arrive in Israel in 1945.

On the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, KKL-JNF selected some special visual moments from its archives to share with the public. The chosen photos show the continuity of Holocaust memorials in Israel, presenting how people honored the victims since the country’s establishment.

Forest of the Martyrs planting ceremony in Memory of Holocaust victims, 1951. / Werner Brown

The photos include scenes of memorial services, work projects, families, artifacts, and more from the early years of the State of Israel. One unique photo even shows the burial ceremony held in Jerusalem in 1949 for the ashes of about 200,000 Holocaust victims from Austria.

Forest of the Martyrs planting ceremony in Memory of Holocaust victims, 1951. / Werner Brown

Other pictures illustrate ceremonies that have taken place since 1951 in the national commemoration site – the Forest of the Martyrs. Six million trees were planted in this special forest in the Jerusalem mountains, in memory of the Jews who perished. Throughout the site, monuments and plots memorialize the communities and individuals that have been lost forever.

To the ashes of 200,000 Austrian Holocaust victims are buried in Jerusalem, 1949. / Rubinger

An annual ceremony is held in the forest on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, commemorating Jews who helped fellow Jews during the Holocaust.

This collection box from the Warsaw ghetto was found burned in the ruins of the ghetto after the Holocaust. / Courtesy KKL-JNF

On Thursday, KKL-JNF and Israel’s foreign ministry will conduct a meorial holocaust ceremony in the Israeli pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020.


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