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Efrat residents Leah (Lucy) Dee HY"D and her husband, Rabbi Leo Dee. Leah HY"D, died of her wounds on April 10, 2023 after being attacked three days earlier by a Palestinian Authority terrorist. Her two daughters were instantly killed in the same attack.

British-Israeli citizen Lucy Dee, late wife of Rabbi Leo Dee, has saved another life with an organ donation that followed her violent death last month at the hands of vicious Palestinian Authority terrorists.

The 48-year-old Efrat resident and two of her daughters, Maia and Rina, were attacked by Hamas terrorists as they drove on a road in the Jordan Valley.


An IDF undercover special force and other forces subsequently killed the two terrorists who carried out the April 7 attack, during a raid in Shechem.

IDF Kills the Terrorists Who Murdered Lucy Dee and Her Daughters Maia and Rina Dee

An Israeli Muslim Arab carpenter living in central Israel who was suffering from kidney failure was the fortunate recipient of one of Dee’s kidneys last month, one of five people whose lives were saved by Lucy Dee’s organs.

A Gift of Life: Rabbi Leo Lee and Children Meet the People Saved by Lucy Dee’s Organs

Abu Radiya, 38, suffered kidney failure five years ago. He was receiving dialysis four days a week when he was told by doctors that he had just one more month to live.

That’s when he got the news that a kidney donor had been found for him.

Following the surgery, Abu Radiya met with Rabbi Leo Dee, 52, who presented him with a framed blessing.

Dee asked Abu Radiya if he minded having a Jewish body part inside his own body.

“We are all human beings,” the carpenter replied. “I would have died without this kidney. I cannot thank Rabbi Dee enough. He’s saved my life.”

“This is what Lucy would have wanted,” the rabbi said. “Her kidney is a sign of peace and reconciliation.

““The fact that you are alive is a miracle for us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Part of my late wife is inside you and it gives our family great comfort to know she continues to do good – and you being an Arab and a Muslim is especially wonderful, as she did so much for reconciliation.

“It’s a blessing to see you looking so well in your own house. I’ve sadly lost two daughters and my wife but the fact you’re alive because of them – you continuing to live – is a real miracle.”

According to Israel’s national transplant center, one of Lucy’s lungs was given to a 58-year-old woman; her heart was given to a 51-year-old woman; her liver was given to a 25-year-old man, and a 58-year-old man received her other kidney.

Lucy’s corneas were preserved for future transplantation.

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