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Shopping center at Candler and McAfee, DeKalb County, Georgia, April 17, 2011.

The American global computer security software company McAfee Corp., headquartered in Santa Clara, California, on Tuesday sent its employees in Israel an announcement about its plan to shut down operations and lay off everybody—about 60 employees.

McAfee’s R&D center in Israel is involved in developing several security products, including McAfee MVISOIN Insights, and McAfee Unified Cloud Edge.


McAfee announced on October 16, 2006, that it would acquire the Israel-based Onigma Ltd for $20 million. Onigma provided host-based data leakage protection software that prevents intentional and unintentional leakage of sensitive data by internal users. In 2012, McAfee purchased the Israeli database security company Sentrigo, for between $30 and $40 million, and the Israeli intelligence security company Insightix, for between $4 and $5 million.

According to Calcalist, Cohavit Almagor was appointed to manage the company’s development center in Tel Aviv in late 2019. The center’s head of business operations is Yaniv Nezri.

According to Bloomberg, in October 2020, McAfee and its shareholders raised $740 million in an initial public offering and was valued at about $8.6 billion based on the outstanding shares listed in its prospectus.


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