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Dmitry Medvedev with Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Uri Ariel in Rishon Lezion, November 10, 2016.

Russian former President and Prime Minister who has since been demoted by Boss Putin to Security Council Deputy Chairman, Dmitry Medvedev, on Friday told Al Jazeera in Arabic that Russia values the efforts of Israeli and Turkish mediators who seek to negotiate peace between Moscow and Kiev, but said that as long as Kiev continues to seek war, there’s no hope for mediation.

“We value the propositions of our partners––both Turkey and Israel––who would like to act as mediators and some other states who offer their mediation services. But mediation is valuable not simply because a mediator exists. Mediation is valuable in the sense that a platform for talks appears, while the sides display a desire to negotiate,” Medvedev insisted.


He added that Moscow noticed a change in the mood in Washington, which initially confirmed that it would not supply Ukraine with long-range missile launchers, and then the situation was modified and it was confirmed that certain types of these weapons would be shipped which are not long-range, but nonetheless pose a threat to Russia.

He stressed that if these weapons systems are used to strike at the Russian depth, then Russia would have no choice but to respond and open fire on the decision-making center, which may be in the enemy’s Ministry of Defense, the General Staff, and other locations.

Here’s an amusing note of deep self-delusion on the part of the man who once was Russia’s number two politician and now doesn’t even have an office with a view. Medvedev told Al Jazeera that the world has changed after Russia launched its operation in Ukraine. He shared his belief that the Russian military operation would eventually lead to the emergence of what he called “a new architecture for global security.”

He did not say whether or not there would still be a Russia as we know it in his visionary architecture.


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