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Group sex abuse: 4 chunky policemen tighten their grip on a female MK who is in tears, depriving her of her immunity as MK and her right to freedom of movement.

Minister of the Negev, Galilee and National Resilience Yitzhak Wasserlauf (Otzma Yehudit) on Wednesday appealed to Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana (Likud): “A serious violation of the immunity of MK Limor Sonn Har Melech has taken place. The aggressive and humiliating manner in which the police officers behaved, reached the point of violence and sexual harassment.”

Watch this shameful scene till the end, when the victim tries to squeeze out of her attackers’ grip. Imagine this happening to your wife or daughter:


He protested the violation of the immunity of the female MK from his faction and asked the Speaker to take action against the commander of the Judea and Samaria Border Guard to make sure that he directs all the forces to honor the immunity of MKs so that such scenes do not happen again.

“What adds to the seriousness of the matter, which is serious enough as it is, is the aggressive and humiliating manner in which the police behaved, reaching the point of outright violence and sexual harassment!”

MK Sonn Har-Melech told Army Radio on Wednesday: “I’m ashamed to say what happened there… it’s not even related to the fact that I’m a member of the Knesset. An offensive and insulting behavior of police officers when I am inside this circle. I’m embarrassed as a woman to relate what happened there.”

As I reported earlier today (Smotrich Threatens Netanyahu over Uprooting of Shiloh Vineyard, Multiple Arrests), Israeli security forces evacuated a vineyard in Samaria’s Shiloh Valley belonging to Chen Ben Eliyahu’s Meshek Ahiya. The evacuation followed a 2021 High Court ruling that ordered the Civil Administration to destroy some 42 acres of vines. At some point, MK Sonn Har-Melech positioned herself between the bulldozers and the vineyard, and the police officers responded with the outrageous move shown above.

Now get ready for this: Israel Police issued a statement saying: “The goal of the commanders and fighters is first and foremost the preservation of human life. The Border Guard commander was updated throughout the event, and it is important to emphasize that in addition to the immunity and freedom of movement of the MK, the fighters acted with great sensitivity and determination while containing and conducting respectful dialogue and professional treatment throughout the event. We will continue to act with sensitivity and determination in every task and everywhere.”

It’s kind of amusing: last Saturday night, Tel Aviv police allowed thousands of left-wing protesters to shut down the Ayalon highway, arguably the most important artery in the country, and didn’t touch a hair on any protester. The Israel Police gives a bad name to selective enforcement.

Eventually, the message got through even to the sensitive boys in grey, and the Border Guard commander suspended three of the four border-line rapists.

Smotrich posted a very angry tweet just before 1 PM on Wednesday: The brutal police violence demonstrated today against the settlers, and the damage to the body and immunity of Knesset member Limor Har Melech is unacceptable. Not in our government! If a quarter of this had happened in the leftist demonstrations, the country would tremble. I would like to encourage MK Har Melech. We are all with you Limor!”

OK, so that’s twice in one day that the powers that be continue to have their way with the legitimate members of government. This has to stop. Unless…

OK, so I asked a senior member of Smotrich’s circle if this could be Netanyahu’s way of provoking them to leave his coalition in a half, so he could invite Benny Gantz et al to come in, and all is forgiven. The senior guy said it isn’t.

But if you think these provocations committed by the deep state are over, think again. As long as National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, whose faction member was molested this morning by the forces allegedly under his command, does not take harsh action, we’ll see more and more of the same.

Both Ben Gvir and Smotrich must declare a coalition crisis. They will most certainly be joined by the two Haredi partners in Netanyahu’s government, one of whom, UTJ’s MK Moshe Gafni, has already issued an ultimatum to Netanyahu – pass the judicial reform or we’re walking.

Read Bibi the riot act!


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