Photo Credit: Yedidia Grossman
Israeli police officer punching a boy in a rally, 2021.

The Disciplinary Department of the Israel Police has decided to prosecute officer Or Halfon for attacking a boy during a protest of the death of her late Ahuvya Sandak, Honenu reported Sunday.

Halfon was recorded by one of the protesters when he attacked the boy with a punch to the face that was so hard, the boy was thrown back from the force of the blow. He is being accused of using force beyond the required proportionate limit against a person. However, the officer’s indictment does not mention the word “fist,” and according to Honenu attorney Menashe Yado, the indictment’s description of the incident is otherwise incomplete.


The word “fist” was replaced in the indictment by the words “right hand.” From the video, however, it is clear that the right hand in question terminated in a very powerful fist.

The attack took place more than half a year ago, as protesters demonstrated in front of the house of then-Homeland Security Minister Amir Ohana, demanding the establishment of an independent commission of inquiry to investigate the circumstances of the death of her late Sandak.

In the video of the incident, the police officer—without any visible reason—is seen punching the minor in the face until he flies backward.

The Honenu legal aid society filed a lawsuit against the policeman, in which the person who shot the video identified the policeman, who was wearing a facemask. The video shooter verified the policeman’s identity by comparing his clip to other videos taken at the same rally.


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