Photo Credit: Border Guard Police
Staff Sgt. Solomon Gaviriya HY"D was murdered in the Har Adar terror attack on Sept. 26, 2017

Border Policemen serving in the Har Adar community claim that Hana Berg and another leftwing activist from the foreign-government funded NGO Machsom Watch insulted and shamed Border Policeman Solomon Gaviriya just moments before he and two other guards were murdered by an Arab terrorist on September 26, 2017.

According to Border Policemen, Gaviriya asked the women to identify themselves and distance themselves from the gate. Words were exchanged and they moved away.


The Border Policemen claim Berg and the second activist told Gaviriya, “Ata Boosha” – “You’re an embarrassment.”

Moments later, as she was moving away, Berg said she heard the shots that ended his life.

Berg told Channel 10 that she never said never said those things to Gaviriya and the words were being put in her mouth, as well as “I never thought this would be the last conversation he held in his life.”


Machsom Watch has been funded by the New Israel Fund, Open Society Foundation and the governments of Norway and Switzerland and the European Union. The foreign-funded activists stand near security checkpoints in Judea and Samaria often filming the soldiers and guards, and there are claims that they occasionally harass the soldiers too.

Machsom Watch has a long controversial history, in 2011, Machsom Watch activists visited the home of the terrorist who murdered the Fogel family in Itamar to comfort the terrorist’s family.

Investigators have determined that the terrorist had been practicing his shooting for a while in preparation for the terror attack. He was so well-trained that when his pistol jammed during the attack he was quickly able to deal with the malfunction, not a simple task for the untrained.

Security forces have also determined who supplied him with the gun and have arrested him.


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