Photo Credit: #WeWantNaama on Facebook
Naama Issachar

On Wednesday night, Israel’s Justice Minister Amir Ohana announced he would be extraditing the arrested Russian hacker Alexei Burkov to the US. Burkov is wanted in the US for cyber-crimes, including credit fraud.

Russia wants Burkov returned to Russia, and to that end, arrested Israeli-American Naama Issachar during her stopover in Russia, sentencing her to  an exaggerated 7.5 years in jail for a minor drug charge, essentially holding her hostage for a prisoner exchange.


Issachar’s family petitioned the Israeli High Court on Thursday to prevent Burkov’s extradition, so the two can be traded.

The High Court issued a temporary injunction against the extradition, according to a Jerusalem Post report.

The Justice Ministry and Burkov’s lawyers have until November 3 to respond.


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