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Shas Chairman MK Aryeh Deri with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Justice Minister Yariv Levin in the Knesset plenum, December 14, 2023.

Shas Chairman Aryeh Deri on Sunday directed Interior Minister Moshe Arbel (Shas) and several MKs to formulate and promote lightning legislation to prevent the publication of the High Court’s rulings revoking two basic laws for the first time in Israeli history – the Reasonability and Incapacity amendments – on the grounds that it would deepen the rift in the nation during wartime.

Acting Supreme Court President Judge Uzi Vogelman, December 31, 2023. / Haim Goldberg/FLASH90

Meanwhile, it’s been rumored that Acting Supreme Court President Judge Uzi Vogelman may push for publishing the ruling ahead of the original January 12 deadline, to prevent the legislation.


Following an open letter signed by many law professors from both sides of the judicial reform debate asking to delay the publication of the court’s rulings, Deri instructed his Knesset faction to initiate a one-time bill extending the time allotted to the drafting of court rulings regarding basic laws from three to nine months, thus enabling former supreme court president Esther Hayut to publish her rulings nine rather than three months after her retirement.

“According to the news, the verdict is coming down based on a single-vote majority,” said the law professors, adding, “We do not express a position regarding the outcome of the verdict, only regarding its publication at this time.”

“The publication of the ruling while the war is being waged at high intensity – with the supporters and opponents of the reform fighting and risking their lives together – is not desirable,” the letter continued. “There is a danger that it will damage the brave alliance uniting the reserves soldiers and the rear since the outbreak of the war.”

The letter proposed delaying the publication by six to nine months.


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