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A group of Israeli Jewish passengers in Athens on Sunday forced Greek Aegean Airlines to remove from a flight to Israel two Israeli Arabs because some in the group suspected them of being terrorists, Israel Radio reported. The Israeli passengers stood up in their seats and would not permit the plane to take off until their demands had been met.

It was near closing time at the airport, and so the airline took the practical approach and offered the two Israeli Arabs to disembark and spend the night a a hotel, all expenses paid, and board the next flight home in the morning.


After the Arab passengers had left, the Jewish passengers demanded to look at their luggage, but were refused. The pilot invited them to disembark as well, but did not offer them that all expenses paid deal, so they stayed onboard and let the plane take off.


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  1. Allah is the only judge of the universe and mankind, we all return unto Him as He is the Creator and He alone shall reckon with injustice and evil we all have meted out in this materialistic world of ours. No one will escape Judgement day. Allah hu Akbar/ God is Great

  2. Sayyida Huda, Arabs have slaughtered more than 1/4 million fellow Arabs in the Syrian civil war over less than 5 years since March 2011. Israel, independent since 1948, does not even come close in the number of Arabs it killed fighting Israel. And the Arabs killed were mainly soldiers and terrorists.

    Sayyida, Huda, check out how many Arabs have been killed in the civil wars in Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen. And many or most of them were civilians.

  3. Ruth, this has nothing to do with fear, Israeli's consider Palestinians as dog meat, less than human as they do with all who are not Jewish, thks had nothing to do with fear and a lot to do with the racist attitudes of Israeli's who feel they are superior to all others. Note the Palestinians caused no disruption, time to add this airline to the BDS list

  4. they weren't just two. It is said it was a group.
    Two is the number of the victims.

    I guess in Greece we don't have enough security agents standing by each plane as in the US, and the havoc was raised within the plane. And to face a group in collective hysteria, it seems that there wasn't any other authority than the pilot on close by.

  5. 1) Jews lived in this land way before your prophet Muhammad was born and created your terrorist religion.

    2) There was never an Arab nor Muslim state in this area in the history of mankind. There was surely no state named "Palestine". If I'm wrong, you are welcome to tell me the years it was exist and who were her presidents/kings/PMs.

    3) Israel is the 3rd Jewish state in this area, after "Judea" and "the united kingdom of Israel". The name “Jew” is from the word “Judea” which is the biblical name of that region.

    4) Fakestinians are just Arabs invaders came to Israel after Jews expelled to Europe by the Romans. Historically, they are the true land thieves.

    5) Israel is an absolute fact. She can win alone all the Arabs armies together. In fact, Israel already won all the Arab armies together in 1948, 1967 and again in 1973, and without even using her nukes. Israel won’t disappear no matter how much you’ll yell your taqiyya lies.

  6. I'm very happy to hear this. There are actual laws they have to face, not just shaming.

    I'd never condemn any people as a whole (besides, the 2 Israeli Arabs are part of this nation, aren't they?), but very sadly the purely politicaly driven supremacist nationalism in Israel that allows for such clear manifestations of racism and even rewards such behaviours at times is the dominant current today.

  7. good for the Jews. yay! it's that kind of special awareness that has always been the hallmark of Israeli security that makes the difference between success and failure. and of course the awareness of every Israeli Jew. Israel is at war with those who have declared themselves lethal enemies of Jews.

  8. Dani O Bravo no def not racist have lived in Muslim country for years. Just loathe burkas, great black flapping scary intimidating repressive garments. Don't see how that makes me a racist. It's not even a religious garment. No requirement for it in the Koran. Can't stand nuns black shrouds either, scares kids.

  9. Truly disgraceful and this is the core and the root of why more and more Arabs in Israel turn against us. Not everyone is out to stab and kill you, yet, if this continues then this country is finished and will eventually cease to exist.

  10. A lot of those Arabs are Palestinian "Arab Israeli" is a term used to wash over the indigenous population in your country's attempt to continue its inhuman land grabbing, colonization and occupation of the land's indigenous people, the Palestinians. Their grievances and disparities caused by Israel are actively being dismissed. That's really what will destroy your Israel.

  11. Cannot help but think there is more to this story than meets the eye. There are, of course, racists in Israel. There are racists everywhere. But in Israel I have never seen anything like this and all of us mix on a day basis in supermarkets, shopping malls, coffee shops etc etc….. No one is differentiated……
    So what really happened here?

  12. Kamal Kamal yeah…because the Arabs never launched a genocidal war of conquest from the Arabian peninsula, spreading to Africa and Asia. Arabs come from Arabia…..they do not belong in Africa or Asia (or Euorpe) and are now everywhere……… Because they stole entire countries and annihilated entire populations.
    So please your high and mighty self righteous attitude about Israelis somewhere else…..

  13. Mary-Anne Kandrack are you serious. How are the Innuit in Canada doing these days? Population recovering nicely from the genocide? What about the native north american Indians…..any left?. Mayans anybody? Where are the Aztecs and Incas? Nope all slaughtered by the white Christian.
    And you have the nerve to complain about Israel just trying to survive and how it may or may not deal with a population who were trying to slaughter Jews even under British colonial rule.
    Shame on you.

  14. A spokesperson for Aegean Airlines confirmed the incident, telling The Independent a small group of passengers had “very vocally and persistently asked for two other Israeli passengers to be checked for security issues”.

    “While it is indeed unfortunate that they were possibly racially profiling the customers, indeed their fellow Israelis, because safety must be first, the pilot did feel compelled to delay the flight call the police so to check again the two Israeli passengers documents and identities,” she added.

    The documents were found to be in order but the spokeperson said the delay had caused further unrest as a larger group of passengers reacted, despite assurances given by the crew.

    The Palestinian passengers were offered a free hotel and flight the following day, which they accepted, and their luggage was taken out of the hold.

  15. Mary-Anne Kandrack the basic point is that as far as you are concerned Israel by definition is an occupier. Because you do not agree that Israel should exist. Israel only occupies the west bank as it took it from Jordan after Jordan attacked Israel. The west bank itself was taken by Jordan in 1948. Israel occupies lands taken from occupiers. They will give it back once the Palestinian leadership agrees to stop insisting that Israel must be destroyed. its that simple.
    As for what happened on the plane. It's a disgrace. The Israelis who made the complaints should have been removed. This is clear.
    But all of this detracts from the basic point that you feel that Israel by definition is an occupation.
    It is not.

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