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The brothers Daniel and Neria Sharabi in an interview about their Nova concert experience, with News12’s Amit Segal.

The brothers Daniel and Neria Sharabi who fought Hamas bravely during the attack on the Nova concert on October 7, 2023, saving some 30 Israelis, told MailOnline on Tuesday that they are leaving the UK because they “don’t feel safe.”

As we reported on Tuesday (Nova Concert Survivors Bullied by UK Cops So They Won’t Repeat What They’re Doing in Gaza), the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester and Region stated, “We have been made aware that survivors of the October 7 terrorist attack on the Re’im Music Festival were discriminated against by UK Border Force when arriving at Manchester Airport. We have requested that an urgent investigation be commenced and assurances are received to ensure passengers with Israeli passports are able to travel without discrimination.”


The Mail posted a partial video of the encounter in which the British border cop tells the brothers, who are outside the frame, that he is the boss, not them.

Neria Sharabi told MailOnline: “I don’t feel safe. If this is how the cops treat civilians, I don’t want to be here. People here are asking us to stay a little bit longer, but I don’t feel safe to stay here. I want to go home, and we’ll be taking our flight home today. This is my first time in the country and my last time in the country. I don’t want to feel what I felt again.”

Mind you, this guy stood up to the murderous Hamas hordes. Here’s Israel’s News12 report on the two brothers (please be patient with the opening commercials):

According to MailOnline, the Conservative MP for Northampton North and former Attorney General Sir Michael Ellis told Parliament the cops’ behavior at Manchester Airport suggested the “Border Force apparently do not want Israeli Jews to enter this country. … These are people in uniform acting for this country as Border Force officers. It is a disgrace beyond all proportion.”

Ellis added that the detention of the two brothers for many hours “was clearly unlawful.”

Foreign Office minister Andrew Mitchell agreed, saying it was an “absolutely, outrageous and shocking incident,” and reassured the MPs that Home Secretary James Cleverley had ordered an investigation of the incident.

Daniel Sharabi told MailOnline he was due an apology from the British government. ‘I have no doubt at all that we were detained because we were Israeli,” he said. “We kept asking the officials why they had stopped us – was it because we are Israeli or because we are Jewish? … We were shocked at the way we were treated. When someone comes to your country from overseas, you expect to be welcomed and treated in a friendly way, not like this.”


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