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According to a Sunday tweet sent out by the Israeli embassy in Brazil, “Before the Copa América final between Brazil and Peru, President [Jair] Bolsonaro and Ambassador [Yossi] Shelley had lunch together in Brasilia. They will follow the game wishing luck to the Brazilian team which is seeking another title. Go Brazil!!”

Great PR item, and great to know that our ambassador is on such friendly terms with the head of one of the top 10 global economies. Here’s the thing, though, as Ha’aretz pointed out, somebody crossed out the food on both statesmen’s plates, with clumsy Photoshop black line, and its quite obvious the cover up had to do with Leviticus 11:10, “But everything in the seas and rivers without both fins and scales, of all the small water-creatures and of all the living creatures in the water, is a detestable thing for you.”


Yes, they ate lobster, which is defined by our tradition as Sheretz, which is unholy and a creeping thing and cockroach of the sea. And from what I’m told tastes fantastic with butter and lemon juice.

Ha’aretz reminded its readers that Ambassador Yossi saved the president’s hide a few months ago, when the latter mused care-free about forgiving the Nazis. Now might be time for Jair to save the ambassador’s hide regarding the public consumption of unclean sea vermin.

Twitter user Xamander offered this helpful improvement, noting: “I helped you and did a better job in photoshop. You’re welcome. There are even some oranges to drink.”

Darn Zionist of you, Sir or madam.


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