Photo Credit: Screenshot via FOX2now Twitter account
Toppled headstones in Chesed Shel Emeth Jewish cemetery, University City, MO

University City, MO Police are investigating the case of individuals who knocked over or damaged more than 100 of tombstones at the Chesed Shel Emeth Jewish cemetery last Thursday morning. Police have not yet called the act of vandalism a hate crime.


According to local TV stateion KPLR11, police are reviewing security camera footage from the area, and looking at the possibility that an organization was behind the crime, rather than the random act of one individual.

According to KPLR11, the vandalized tombstones were in an older section of the cemetery. Local resident Robin Rickerman, whose family members are buried in that cemetery, told the TV station that “these are holocaust survivors that are in here,” adding, “They shouldn’t have to endure anymore trauma, let them be settled.”

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens on Monday night issued the following statement on his Facebook page:

“Today, Missouri witnessed a despicable act of what appears to be anti-Semitic vandalism at Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery.

“It is reported that more than 100 headstones were damaged. We do not yet know who is responsible, but we do know this: this vandalism was a cowardly act. And we also know that, together, we can meet cowardice with courage.

“Anyone who would seek to divide us through an act of desecration will find instead that they unite us in shared determination. From their pitiful act of ugliness, we can emerge even more powerful in our faith.

“Whoever did this slipped into a cemetery in secret to break things. We will stand together in the open to rebuild them, stronger.”



  1. That should not be allowed in any country that is called democratic, that wild demons invade and destroy the tombstones of the dead, whatever religion it may be.

    I think that the police and judicial authorities should take greater responsibility in the matter and put more vigilance in the cemeteries?

  2. Trump is currently the President… and he has not addressed the issue, though he has been pressed by journalists. He cut off one Jewish journalist who was asking about it, told him to sit down, and then said the question was unfair. Another time when a journalist brought up anti-semitism, Trump bragged about his electoral college win.

  3. Lisa Leon , please provide verifiable, reliable source for jewish reporters “question” (be specific) that you say Trump responded with sit down & that is unfair. (should not be too difficult, all press events are video’d)

  4. Joe Wade the Washington Post is generally considered to be a very reputable news source. Just because you don’t like what they are reporting doesn’t mean that it is “fake news”. Like Jason Nussbaum said, watch the video. It speaks for itself. Can you explain Trump’s baffling behavior?

  5. Joe: “please provide verifiable, reliable source for jewish reporters “question” (be specific) that you say Trump responded with sit down & that is unfair. (should not be too difficult, all press events are video’d)” Lisa: “Here you go, with video, broadcast everywhere” Joe: “I don’t believe you”. Welcome to Trumpland, where scientific evidence no longer matters.

  6. Find them, Convict them, Make them pay for their replacement. If they don’t have the funds make them pay with the sweet of their brow and all the psychical power it takes out of them with No machinery to help. They will never dishonor anyone again if they have to pay for it themselves.

  7. Dean Stiles , any comments on the vid i posted relative to Trumps comments about hatred, you seem to be one BEING USED to support such agenda’s while you live in la la land, want to step back into reality for a bit and comment on that video?

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