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Amira Hass

The leader of the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria (Yesha) filed a complaint with police, charging Haaretz journalist Amira Hass with incitement by writing that Palestinian Authority Arabs have a “duty” to throw rocks at Jews.

She wrote her article after an Israeli court found a Hevron cab driver guilty of murder for throwing rocks and causing the fatal cash of a car driven by American-Israeli citizen Asher Palmer 18 months ago. Palmer and his two-year-old son were killed when he lost control of his vehicle and smashed into a guard rail near Kiryat Arba.


The rock-throwing terrorist, Wael Salaman Mohammed el-Arjeh, confessed to throwing rocks but denied he intended to murder anyone.

Hass, a Jewish journalist who has lived in Gaza and Ramallah and fully supports the Palestinian Authority, wrote, “Throwing stones is the birthright and duty of anyone subject to foreign rule. Throwing stones is an action as well as a metaphor of resistance.”

Ron Shechner, a former assistant to Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz in the Sharon government and now director of Yesha, told the Jewish Press he filed the complaint with police because Hass’ article directly incites violence against Jews.

Hours after the complaint was filed with Jerusalem police, rioting Palestinian Authority Arabs stoned dozens of cars on the highway from Jerusalem to Kiryat Arab-Hevron.

Hass sees no problem with rock-throwing, which usually is aimed at causing drivers to lose control of their vehicles and crash, as happened to Palmer.

If Hass’s car were stoned by Arab attackers, she no doubt would blame Israel, which she said is a reality of violence and whose soldiers, “bureaucrats, jurists and lawyers…protect the fruits of violence instilled in foreign occupation − resources, profits, power and privileges.”

She justified stone-throwers by stating it often “is borne of boredom, excessive hormones, mimicry, boastfulness and competition” and is a message that, “We’ve had enough of you, occupiers.”

Hass advised Palestinian Authority schools to introduce basic classes in resistance: how to build multiple “tower and stockade” villages in Area C; how to behave when army troops enter your homes; comparing different struggles against colonialism in different countries; how to use a video camera to document the violence of the regime’s representatives; methods to exhaust the military system and its representatives; a weekly day of work in the lands beyond the separation barrier;

“How to remember identifying details of soldiers who flung you handcuffed to the floor of the jeep, in order to submit a complaint; the rights of detainees and how to insist on them in real time; how to overcome fear of interrogators; and mass efforts to realize the right of movement.”

Ironically, the same advice could be written for Jewish right-wing activists.

Back in July of 2001, the Hebron Jewish community sued Ha’aretz, after Amira Hass had written that the residents of Beit Hadassah in Hevron abused the corpse of a terrorist. She wrote that the residents kicked, spat on, and danced atop the body of a dead Arab terrorist, who had just been shot and killed by soldiers shortly after he threw a grenade at them.

The plaintiffs cited an announcement by the IDF spokesman at the time asserting that the Jewish residents did not abuse the body in any manner. The Hebron residents demanded an apology, which Ha’aretz did not provide. They then sued the paper for 250 thousand shekels (about $70 thousand), and Ha’aretz did not even submit a defense. So Judge Shalev Gertel awarded the full sum to the Hebron community, plus 20 thousand shekels (about $5,500) for legal expenses.

Yori Yanover contributed to this report.



  1. Really is no surprise that the nazi owned haaretz promotes terrorism and genocide of Jews. A daily review of the soon to be bankrupt islamist propaganda rag shows the bulk of their articles are attacks on Jews and Israel. Their pundits, including haas levy and benn routinely demonize Jews, and excuse murders and terrorism. It was schocken the publisher who openly declared that the "cure for world peace" would be if "all Jews intermarried," thereby eradicating Judaism. It's what haaretz is.

  2. She's right. Every of the following words (" “Throwing stones is the birthright and duty of anyone subject to foreign rule. Throwing stones is an action as well as a metaphor of resistance.") is correct. And, BTW she doesn't speak of PA Arabs, she speaks of all humans oppressed under illegal foreign occupation. Why wouldn't Palestinians have the same right to resist invaders as the French Resistance had during the German occupation?

    As a humanist Jew and Israeli I understand that throwing stones at the colonialist, robber settlers (most born outside of Israel) is part of the fight for indigenous self-determination facing the imperial military machinery serving Netanyahu and his inhuman policy.

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  7. @Arie's Pragmatic Politics
    When it comes to blowing others up, then Israelis hold the record, not the Palestinians. How many Israelis died due to Palestinian terror bombings, and how many Palestinians died due to Israeli bombing terror?
    And let me add: you and your likes incorporate much less Jewish heritage then me and my likes. Zionism was never focused on Jewishness, but on tribal nationalist segregation in a colonialist-imperialist setting …

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  10. She was only BORN a Jew, like chomsky, friedman and soros. All once-upon-a-time Jews that feel a need to show their fealty to those that would massacre us! Several courts have already fined her for libel, stating her commentaries were outright lies. Her argument at one of those trials in Jerusalem is that it was not her "responsibility as a reporter to verify the truthfulness of information," so she prints it! It is amusing that she had to flee gaza for her life after the locals found out that she was in fact "Jewish" and numerous threats were made on her life by her allies. Reminds me of the Jews in Berlin 1939: They supported hitler, attacked those Jews that issued condemnations of hitler and his pope, after which they too were taken to the ovens.

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