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View of construction of a 36m high lego tower, intending to break the Guiness World Record and tallest toy brick structure, in memory of Omer Sayag, who died of a rare brain cancer at the age of 9. December 27, 2017.

A brand new tower now keeps the clouds in the sky company in Tel Aviv after volunteers and city workers came together to build the 118-foot (36 meter) edifice out of Lego bricks in hopes of setting a new world record.


The project was started just over a year ago by the teachers of nine-year-old Omer Sayag, a Lego genius whose special gift was in building towers, and whose terrible challenge was the cancer that kept him out of class.

Omer left this world in 2014 at age 9, and his teachers decided to honor his life by setting a new world record with a special Lego tower.

The previous record was set in 2015 by the Italian subsidiary of Lego, which built a 115-foot tower for the Milan World Expo, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

This week’s effort was constructed from more than half a million of the bright Lego bricks that so easily catch the eye of any child around the world. They were donated by the residents of Tel Aviv.

The new Omer Tower was raised, section by section, in Rabin Square across from Tel Aviv city hall.

According to a Tel Aviv municipal spokesperson, photo footage shot from a drone will be submitted to Guinness to document the city’s claim of the new world record.

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