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Egyptian Army under large scale ISIS attack in northern Sinai, July 21, 2020.

ISIS has maintained its control for six days in the territory of 4 villages: Al-Jain, Aktia, Katya and Al-Marih in Bir El Abd in the northern Sinai. The new ISIS territory is located only 100 miles from the city of Port Said and the Suez canal.

ISIS holdout in north Sinai, July 27, 2020 / Google maps

According to reports from ISIS-affiliated sources, operatives of the organization have begun to fortify the territory and lay mines around its borders in order to thwart attacks by the Egyptian army. According to these sources, the Egyptian army has bombed the four villages from the air over the last two days, using drones. ISIS reported losing two motorcycles and one civilian vehicle. Only injuries were reported.


Last Tuesday, the Egyptian army said an Islamic militant attack in northern Sinai killed two of its troops and wounded four others. The statement said the military thwarted the assault on a security checkpoint in the restive northern part of the Sinai Peninsula, near the small town of Bir al-Abd, and killed 18 suspected Islamic militants.

Turns out the thwarting didn’t keep.

ISIS has managed to establish their control over the territory in question and even set up roadblocks, forcing people to abandon their vehicles and to cross on foot. Vehicle traffic has been banned in Bir El Abd to prevent the locals from escaping the villages occupied by ISIS.

The Egyptian army has been examining the construction of new checkpoints on the traffic arteries leading to the international highway in the Bir El-Abed area to prevent ISIS members from getting there and blocking it.

Advantage ISIS.


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