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Qatar and the United Arab Emirates

Qatar and the United Arab Emirates on Monday restored their diplomatic relations and reopened their embassies, according to an announcement by Qatar’s foreign ministry.

The restoration of ties comes after Iran and Saudi Arabia re-established their diplomatic relations, following after years during which Iran had used its proxies to attack Saudi interests in Yemen and inside Saudi territory.


“Based on an agreement and aspiration of both states towards strengthening bilateral relations, Qatar and the UAE announce the restoration of diplomatic relations with the resumption of work of Qatar’s embassy in Abu Dhabi and the consulate in Dubai, as well as the UAE embassy in Doha on Monday, June 19, 2023,” the Qataris announced, pointing out that “the two sides underlined that this step comes as an embodiment of the will of the leaderships of the two countries, and in the consolidation of the march of joint Arab action, to achieve the aspirations of the two brotherly people.”

On June 5, 2017, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt severed their diplomatic relations with Qatar and banned Qatari planes and ships from entering their air, land, and sea territories. Saudi Arabia blocked Qatar’s only land crossing.

The Saudi-led coalition accused Qatar of supporting terrorism as part of its relationship with its neighbor Iran and blamed Qatar’s global TV channel Al Jazeera for fomenting strife in the region. Qatar confirmed that it had assisted some opposition groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, but denied aiding militant groups linked to al-Qaeda or ISIS. Qatar also mentioned its support for the United States’ War on Terror, with the Qatar-based Aludaid US military base.

The crisis between Qatar and Saudi Arabia ended in January 2021, and shortly thereafter, Egypt restored relations as well.

The background to the shift in the Sunni Muslim Arabs states along the Persian Gulf regarding their relationship with the Shiite Iran is their growing mistrust in the US ability or inclination to help them against an expansionist, terror-spreading, crypto-nuclear Iran, and their reluctance to openly seek protection from Israel.

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