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Yedioth Ahronoth Nasrallah teaser, March 10, 2021.

He is Israel’s most bitter enemy. Heads the terrorist organization that controls Lebanon, and controls tens of thousands of missiles that cover almost the entire territory of the Jewish State. Now, for the first time, large parts of the IDF intelligence file on Hassan Nasrallah are being exposed, providing a glimpse into his comprehensive psychological profile. Sounds like a must-read? Judge for yourselves: the full article will be published in the double issue of 7 Days, the weekend supplement of this Friday’s Yedioth Ahronoth.

Israel’s biggest for-pay daily newspaper is teasing the heck out of this report, among other things: his extreme narcissism, his centralized management style, the in-depth acquaintance with the entire Israeli media, his opposition to the Corona vaccines, his life without a cellphone, and how his son shame him on Twitter.


For less than $2, you, too, can find out all about all of the above. Still reluctant? Well, here’s what Dr. K., a senior female strategic researcher in the Research Division of IDF Intelligence had to say: “Nasrallah lives the Israeli media. He knows all the writers. This is his way of studying the Israeli public. His Personality is highly concentrated, compartmentalizing, and preoccupied with himself. He is a very sharp man, very intelligent, but his narcissism is his own worst enemy.”

More? Sure: “He doesn’t leave the house, doesn’t go near the windows. In fact, he never sees the daylight. He understands very well that once he sticks his heads out, Israel will know where he is. We know he’s vitamin D deficient. He is 60 years old and as such he is in a high-risk group for Corona, but he opposes the American vaccines.”

So how does he manage to run a complex organization like Hezbollah?

“After so many years at the head of the organization, there exists the ‘spirit of the commander.’ It’s enough that he passes a directive and everyone knows what he wants.”

And how does he convey his instructions? Does he have a cellphone?

“Because of his fear of being discovered, he does not have a cellphone. He conveys his messages through his deputy, Sheikh Naim Qassem, and the chairman of the executive committee, Safi a-Din. Since the assassination of the so-called Hezbollah chiefs of staff, Imad Mourniyeh and Badr a-Din, and later the assassination of Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Suleimani, Nasrallah has taken on the functions of the leader of a state, defense minister, chief of staff, regional commander, and sometimes even a unit commander. He trusts fewer and fewer people, and chooses not to fill senior positions after they are vacated.”

Not Convinced yet? Well, here’s something Captain A said: “His son Jawad recently caused him great embarrassment when after the disappearance of anti-Hezbollah journalist Luqman Salim—who was extremely critical of Nasrallah after the blasting in Beirut harbor—Jawad tweeted: ‘Some people’s disappearance is a great relief.’ He deleted the tweet shortly thereafter, probably after receiving a nervous phone call. ”

In general, Captain A. knows Nasrallah has a hard time dealing with new media: “Criticism of him on social media drives him crazy. He’s obsessed. He’s crazy about not being in control of everything.”

So shell out the two bucks and you, too, will know. Besides, Israelis love the smell of fresh newsprint on Shabbat morning.

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