Photo Credit: Based on Google Maps
Hemmat Missile Factory and Parchin Military Base, in Iran.

Official Iranian sources recently reported an “accident” that occurred at one of the factories in Parchin, killing one person and injuring another. Iranian media have since confirm that an explosion took place at the military compound in Parchin and that 2 Iranian “military experts” were killed as a result, according to a report by Abu Ali Express.

According to the Iranians, the “accident” happened last night.


There are Iranian military industrial sites in Parchin where the Iranians are conducting testing their missiles and warheads and, according to various reports by Abu Ali Express, also experiments related to the Iran’s nuclear project. There was also a large explosion in the area, two years ago.

Intellitimes reports that according to foreign sources, the explosion was at the heart of the Parchin military base, and was the result of an attack by armed drones.

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