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Note: Full updated report can be found here: Drones, 5.9 Earthquake Inflict Damage on Iranian Targets Overnight Sunday

There are reports of multiple explosions in Iran on Saturday evening, as well as reports of increased air activity.


According to an Al Arabiya report, Iran claims there was an unsuccessful drone attack against a military facility linked to Iran’s Defense Ministry in Isfahan. But there are reports of explosions in multiple cities. There were also initial reports of an attack on the T4 military airbase in Syria, but that turned out to be Syrian rebels attacking a checkpoint.

According to Abu Ali Express:

“According to Iranian reports, a total of four explosions occurred at the site. Some eyewitnesses reported that prior to the explosions, they spotted several suicide drones and started filming (which is how they were able to capture the explosions on film).
Official sources claim that there were no casualties in the explosions.
Despite this, unofficial sources report on a large number of emergency vehicles making their way to the location.”


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